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Catalog shopping: spending money wisely


Shopping through catalogs is an exciting activity, devoid of the disadvantages of shopping and very useful. But to make successful and profitable purchases, you should not lose your cool and follow the basic rules of catalog shopping.

The flip side of catalog purchases, which is often unexpected for many, is the payment for delivery of goods. Virtually all catalog sales companies set a money limit, beyond which shipping is free. In all other cases, the cost of delivery depends on the amount of the order, the distance of the supplier and the rates of postal services. Therefore, only large purchases turn out to be winning in the end – against the background of the quantity or the total price of the purchased products, the cost of delivery looks negligible.

Form large orders – they can be timed to coincide with holidays, birthdays, divided into several people. When ordering items and clothes from the same catalog, involve other family members, work colleagues, relatives and friends in the process. The larger your order, the more likely it is that the package will arrive on time and its contents will match the ordered list. Small parcels can get lost, items may not be in stock, employees may forget to put something on your order – the result is a huge overpayment for shipping and a lot of disappointment.

Be careful with the dimensions – it is better to order interior items and furniture for a specific place in your apartment, taking into account the dimensions indicated in the catalog. Studying the dimensional grid (often repeatedly) will help to avoid embarrassment when trying on the received clothes – each catalog must provide information on the conformity of sizes to country standards. Before ordering, check your volumes, because you could get better or lose weight. If you order things for children, then add a few centimeters of stock – children grow quickly, and the delivery time may be extended.

When you start shopping, make a list of what you need and clearly define the amount you are willing to part with. Otherwise, you run the risk of ordering unnecessary things or exceeding your budget limit.

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