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Is Duchess Catherine pregnant?


News about the pregnancy of the Duchess Catherine comes to us from "foggy Albion" literally every week – recently she was even credited with an "interesting position" due to the fact that she refused to eat peanut butter.

But this time, sources close to the royal court claim that the time has finally come to be happy for Prince William and his wife. The New York Post reports that Katherine’s former roommate, Jessica Hay, told Australian magazine New Idea:

They will make an official announcement in December. William and Kate really want to have children – boys or two girls, but no more. They have already talked about this topic many times and want to do it while they are young.

It is said that the future King and Queen of Great Britain were in no hurry to have a baby this year due to the busy schedule of William and Catherine in connection with the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II and the London Olympics.

By the way, this is not the first time that New Idea magazine has published material about the royal family, which later turns out to be true – in 2008, the publication was the first to publish information about Prince Harry’s service in Afghanistan, which, by the way, put his life in danger.

Whether the rumors about Catherine’s pregnancy will be confirmed, we will find out soon – but for now, the British are "holding their fists" for the future heir to the throne.

Is Duchess Catherine pregnant?

New Idea magazine writes that Katherine is pregnant

Is Duchess Catherine pregnant?

Prince William and Duchess Catherine are expecting a baby?

Is Duchess Catherine pregnant?Is Duchess Catherine pregnant?

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