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Many girls often ask others – is it worth giving your young man a second chance or not? For some reason, the number of deceived or betrayed girls is growing every day, today we will find out the reason for this fact, consider aspects of the issue itself and finally help many girls with a decision, giving a specific answer: yes or no.

What is the cause of the problem

To begin with, let’s figure out – why this question arises? More often than not, this is due to cheating. The reasons for cheating can be different, it all depends on the specific situation. Sometimes a guy just cools off towards a girl, as she ceases to be interesting to him, and tries to find a worthy replacement for her. And sometimes it happens that treason occurs as if in retaliation to the girl because of a banal insult. In general, the reasons are different – the result is the same, which can in no way contribute to the further development of relations. Therefore, a girl needs to avoid conflict situations, be attentive to her beloved and always personify joy and happiness for him. But if it turned out that you were changed, what should you do?

How to do it right

Usually in such a situation, a girl is disassembled by a whole host of feelings, if a person is really dear to her, the whole world collapses in her eyes, everything loses its meaning. In the soul, pain with contempt is mixed with jealousy and resentment, you want to do something, but it seems that you are powerless. And then nobleness finally awakens in your young man, he apologizes and says that he realizes his mistake and repents of it. Then the girl faces a choice: either forgive her beloved and give him a second chance, or break off relations with the traitor and live on. It usually takes a lot of effort and time to make such a difficult decision, so do not rush to answer.

Let’s analyze the situation in detail. Imagine giving your relationship a second chance. Both partners understand that efforts must be made to regain trust and feelings. Now think – are you ready for this? This stage of building relationships is very important, but at the same time it is difficult to go through it, because without trust yet, you can easily offend him with this, and he can hurt you with his directness. Should we forgive such things or not? It depends on you. If it is morally difficult for you to keep afloat with the person who betrayed you, you should not try to restore your former future with this person, it will be very problematic, if at all. On the other hand, if your soulmate really cheated on you not out of selfish motives, or it happened by accident and she is swinging, you can try to move on, investing the same effort together with a partner. Therefore, again, it is only up to you to decide here depending on the specific situation. 

Now let’s look at the second scenario. You will refuse further communication with this person and try to forget him. Only strong-willed girls or women who are able to push their own feelings aside for the sake of self-love can do this. However, then these same girls are tormented for a long time by the thought "What if …". Therefore, as they say, "It’s better to do it and then regret it, than not to do it and regret not doing it." Moreover, any person deserves a second chance, the right to make a mistake. However, it is clearly not worth giving a third chance, because if a person betrayed once, covered it up as a mistake and allegedly repented, but repeated the same thing twice – what prevents him from doing it again?

Therefore, it is better to give a second chance to your soulmate. Take care of your relationship and be happy.

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