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How does Jessica Simpson make money?


Jessica Simpson, a world-famous television presenter and expert in the design of clothes, shoes and accessories, revealed to Forbes the secret of her commercial success. Stars rarely become successful businessmen. At the same time, the famous singer managed to become the most famous retailer in the United States by opening the Jessica Simpson Collection chain of stores.

According to the magazine, by ceding the right to her brand to representatives of the Camuto Group concern, the American earned $ 15 million. Since that time, this amount is often her annual income. The editor-in-chief of the publication announced that Simpson’s success was "amazing".

For many, it was still a secret how an enterprising lady takes energy and imagination to implement her bold ideas, because she personally has already launched three dozen fashion collections of shoes, clothes and other goods.

The public received answers at one of the women’s summits, held in New York, in the very middle of May. The event, which has already become an annual event, brought together the most influential American women, who, by the way, are also involved in charitable activities. At the meeting, the heroine stated that she was one with her business.

When asked about why she manages to beat the bulk of her competitors on her way to fame, she admitted that, unlike the others, she really understands women. In fact, they do not buy clothes with sizes typical for fashion models, and they are not interested in the things that Vogue advertises. Jessica Simpson strives to make any female representative feel comfortable and confident in the usefulness of her clothes: “When making fashion models, you should not ignore the wishes of the most ordinary customers."

How does Jessica Simpson make money?

The image of Jessica helps promote her business. This woman gave birth to two children (a year after the first birth there were second ones), gained more than twenty kilograms of weight and only recently regained her former shape. She is sure that women watched her victories by browsing the tabloids: “I tried on clothes of various sizes and I know what the ladies are thinking,” she explained at the summit.

Jessica Simpson says that life flows not only in fashionable cities, where everyone is trying to bring their parameters closer to ideal ones. She understands the mood of the inhabitants of any state, often using the method and image of the "simple".

How does Jessica Simpson make money?

“While I’m exploring textile alternatives presented, or discussing fresh ideas, I try to imagine what my grandma would look like in this, if my two-year-old daughter would need such an image,” she explains.

The star herself, her designers and representatives of the company’s marketing service monitor innovations in the development of the market. “We keep track of what pleases our customers who purchase textiles from Macy’s and are aware of what they bring from Dillard’s.

Simpson wants all women to feel comfortable in the clothes and shoes they buy from her. She said that sometimes, for example, flight attendants ask her to invent new styles. It is difficult and uncomfortable for them to wear those shoes that are prescribed for them for work.

How does Jessica Simpson make money?

And how many women actually want to go to a nightclub in heels?

Speaking about clothes for very young children, we can say that only the mother of a two-year-old baby knows which overalls are more pleasant for him, which sliders are easier and faster to put on.

“When they take shoes from Jessica Simpson, they are sure that they can dance all night,” Jess boasts.
The popular TV presenter and business woman is planning a new range of household goods, and then she will take care of a collection of clothes for children.
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