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A couple who would never quarrel is hard to find. Sometimes a quarrel can bring new shades to the relationship, strengthen the union. How sweet can reconciliation be! And sometimes a series of petty and useless trifling quarrels can lead to a break. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to improve relations after a quarrel.

There are two types of family relationships.

People who live according to the principle of the English family "do not take dirty linen out of the hut." Even the closest people do not know about their true relationship. The couple observes etiquette, but their life is not sincere. This is a constant performance. And there are diametrically opposed relationships. Constant violent quarrels, which are watched by all neighbors and friends. It seems that these people like to swear for the sake of sweet reconciliations after a quarrel. 

But these are examples of polar relationships.

Usually relationships in couples are between these poles. Still, there are quarrels even between people who sincerely love each other. If a quarrel has occurred, you do not need to wait for everything to go away on its own. You need to know the secrets of how to better build relationships after a quarrel.

What needs to be done for reconciliation.

Walking silently, pouting and not talking is a direct way to aggravate the conflict. Be sure to talk about the subject of the quarrel. It is better to do this when the “storm has passed", the intensity of passions has subsided. Conversation immediately after a quarrel will not lead to anything good. They usually clash over trifles. Having found out at the same time the relationship, you can very quickly establish them. You need to talk even with serious reasons for a quarrel. If the guy cheated, you don’t need to expose him to a hail of reproaches and accusations. It is better to talk about how much pain it causes you, describe your feelings.

How to compromise in a relationship.

We all know that two opposites attract. Their life together consists of a constant search for common ground and compromises. You have to learn to give in. And it is usually the girl who has to do it. Be wiser, take the first step towards. This is your strength, not your weakness. After all, even if the guy is wrong, remember that this is a native and close person to you. Your relationship is more precious than useless principles. Moderate your pride and make concessions. Getting into position is easy, be strong and get out of the conflict in a feminine wise and talented way. Couples who quarrel over trifles in their youth, but make concessions, become very similar in old age. They learned to understand each other, and family relationships became happy.


People brought up in different families converge. Each family has its own way of life and traditions. Someone can safely leave unwashed dishes on the table, but for another this is unacceptable. In one family, it is not shameful for a man to wash dishes, and in another, he enters the kitchen only to eat. So that your relationship does not “crash about life”, you do not need to measure your strength and establish only your own rules of the game. Distribute responsibilities, learn to negotiate. Immediately determine who will shop and who will vacuum in the apartment. But even on this issue, compromises are needed. If you can’t get a guy to stop throwing his things around the room, it’s better to silently fold them yourself than to make a row every time.

Learn to understand each other.

People who understand each other are comfortable living together. This needs to be learned. Nobody says it’s easy. Try even after a quarrel to understand your loved one. Imagine how you would have acted in his place. Get into his position and try to understand what he thinks, what he feels. The manifestation of emotions indicates indifference, that the guy wants your relationship to become better, he worries about them in his own way. After all, improving relationships is your common goal.

Every person has flaws that are not made public. It will be extremely unpleasant when your soul mate will tell friends and acquaintances about them. Agree right away that you will never criticize each other in the presence of strangers. Let the guy know that wat is extremely unpleasant. A tense situation that has arisen in the presence of others is best dealt with at home. You don’t have to deal with people.

The ability to build relationships after a quarrel needs to be polished for more than one year. This is an art that needs to be learned. And you will have to do this, because a happy life together is ensured only by constant work and improvement of relationships.

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