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A bridal bouquet of peonies promises family well-being


A wedding is one of the most important events for every person. Many girls imagine this day at a young age. Men do not dream of marriage since childhood, but they treat this day no less responsibly and excitingly than their brides. No wonder they say that it is worth preparing for a wedding celebration at least a month in advance. For every couple who is ready to get married, it is very important to make this day special. Of course, most of all it excites the girls themselves. Brides carefully choose a dress, pick up a hairdress and a make-up. It is especially important to pay attention to the bride’s wedding bouquet. The bouquet should fit correctly into the girl’s wedding attire, emphasize her individuality, style and character.

To date, the most popular attribute of the bride is considered to be a bouquet of peonies. Many ladies do not even suspect what magical power this flower is endowed with. Of course, for each country, peonies carry their own symbolic designations. For example, in Greece, Egypt and other Mediterranean countries, a bridal bouquet of peonies symbolizes the good future of the newlyweds, happiness, strong love and joy will always reign in their house. In Japan and China, peonies are a symbol of family well-being and wealth. Since now, the inhabitants of China have considered this flower amulets from evil and evil spirits. 

A bridal bouquet of peonies promises family well-being

In addition to the above, peonies have other positive aspects:

Peonies are easier to get, unlike roses, orchids and other flowers, so their cost is affordable for anyone. These flowers are easy to care for, which makes it easy to grow them in your gardens.

The color range of peonies is very diverse, from white to bright red. The bride can choose her own color scheme that suits her state of mind and wedding dress.

A bridal bouquet of peonies promises family well-being

Unlike other flowers, peonies are more persistent. Throughout the day, they retain their original appearance.

They have a light and relaxed fragrance that will create a spring mood for any bride.

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