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Macaulay Culkin has health problems?


The appearance of Macaulay Culkin cannot be called healthy

Even adult actors can hardly endure the test of fame – what happens to artists who become famous in early childhood. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen sisters – these are just the most striking examples of stars who have not coped with popularity and gone "off the hook".

The fate of the most famous boy who was left "at home alone" – Macaulay Culkin – also developed tragically. For the first time, a blond boy appeared on stage at the age of four: he played in the play Bach Babies, and the following year he starred in his first film, At the Midnight Hour.

But his most stellar role was shooting in the film "Home Alone" – the next day, after the film was released, the boy woke up as a star. His fees could compete with the earnings of leading Hollywood actors, and sudden fame fell on the boy like a snowball. Macaulay Culkin even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the highest paid child actor.

Parents not only did not help Macaulay survive this burden of fame, but decided to exploit their son’s popularity. The father of the young actor – Keith Culkin – became the manager of his son, all financial issues were resolved through him. It was dad who took and spent at his own discretion the boy’s fees: one and a half million for the film "The Good Son", eight million brought to parents by "Richie Rich" and the same amount "Getting Even With Father". Parents went further: they decided that other children needed to be attached to the cinema – as a result, Macaulay’s contract stated: the star would not act if there were no roles for Culkin’s brothers or sisters in the film.

The earnings of mom and dad grew, and the boy began to get tired of constant filming: his work began to be recognized as mediocre, and films worthy only of the Golden Raspberry. In addition, Macaulay began to grow up, his childish features became sharp, his figure became thin: there was no place for an adult Culkin in a good movie. As a result, the "most stellar child" was out of work.

Macaulay Culkin has health problems?

Home Alone made Macaulay Culkin a superstar

In difficult times, the actor was supported only by his beloved Mila Kunis, and after parting they maintain friendly relations. However, now that the actor was left completely alone, he began to have serious problems – first of all, with medications. Macaulay even got on trial for illegal possession of drugs: he was found with a handful of potent drugs and marijuana.

Macaulay Culkin has health problems?

Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay has been suspected of drug use for a long time, and one of the tabloids even wrote that the actor had only six months to live (you could read about this on blogs). But the actor’s representatives deny these rumors, calling them "complete nonsense."

Macaulay Culkin has health problems?

The other day, the actor was seen near the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood (the photo was discovered by blogger dina008), and he did not look well. Skin-covered face, multi-day stubble, pale skin – it was difficult to call Macaulay healthy and blooming. In addition, the actor constantly clutched his stomach and grimaced – either from pain, or from nausea.

Feeling unwell did not stop the actor from taking a puff on a cigarette – it seems that now Macaulay is the least concerned about his own health, and he lives according to the principle of the heroes of Fight Club: "self-destruction is what we need."

We hope that soon the actor will recover and find harmony in his work.

Macaulay Culkin has health problems?Macaulay Culkin has health problems?
Macaulay Culkin has health problems?

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