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As strange as it sounds, a marriage of convenience is much more stable than a marriage of love. The first reason for this stability lies in the fact that women who are more likely to marry are adults who know what they want and what they are going to. In addition, in such marriages there are no scandals that arise on everyday grounds and often destroy marriages made for love.

The main reasons for marriage of convenience

First: a woman has not met true love and replaces it with stability. Such a woman can love her husband, responding to his care and love for her.

Second: a woman consciously goes in search of benefits. It can be not only material gain, but also career growth. If a woman is a careerist, she will be happy in this marriage until she reaches her goal.

Third: a woman sets an end in itself: comfort, luxury, glamour. The man does not play a role, it’s just a wallet with money. Such women are often unhappy, because in their hearts they still want love, and they are afraid to have a lover for fear of losing their well-being. Such marriages often end in divorce.

Everything that was discussed concerned female motivation. Is there a male marriage of convenience? Yes. Marrying a bride with a dowry is already a calculation.

In the modern world, it is not uncommon for a man to marry the daughter of an influential father and make a career. Often the woman herself invites him to enter into this marriage. And such marriages are very long and strong.

Less often, but marriages also occur between an already established business woman and her subordinate. A man is ready to make some sacrifices for the sake of material well-being and career advancement. Such men are called "gigolos" with some degree of contempt. But if a woman soberly assesses the situation and satisfies her unrealized maternal instinct in such a marriage, then both partners can be happy in their own way.

In a marriage of convenience, sincerity is important; you can’t play on the feelings of another person, and respect for each other and mutual care, perhaps, will become the grains from which love will grow.

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