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Hunting season: Cameron Diaz asked Kelly Ripa to find her a fiance


Cameron Diaz is a true workaholic: the film The Counselor with her participation will be released in the fall, the shooting of The Other Woman is now in full swing, and most recently it became known that the actress will create a collection of bags and shoes for the French brand.

In addition, the celebrity manages to attend charity evenings and fashion shows. With such a busy schedule, it’s no wonder Cam has no time for her personal life. However, if gossip is to be believed, Diaz is determined to put an end to her single life and find herself a fiancé.

Unfortunately, all her attempts to find the man of her dreams on her own are unsuccessful, so Diaz "connected" heavy artillery. According to a source, the actress turned to her friend, American TV presenter Kelly Ripa, for help. Cameron is counting on the journalist (who is happily married and has two children) to find the right life partner for her.

As for the requirements put forward to the contender for the hand and heart of a celebrity, they are very simple: according to the source, the actress asked to find her a "hot athletic boyfriend." By the way, he does not have to be rich, famous, and generally may not have anything to do with show business.

The insider also added that Diaz is looking for a reliable man with whom he can live the rest of his life:

We wish Diaz and Kelly good luck!

Hunting season: Cameron Diaz asked Kelly Ripa to find her a fiance

Cameron Diaz, although suffering without a man, is in demand

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