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So much has already been said about office romances that there seems to be nothing to add. We all know that only 10% of such relationships end in a happy marriage, but for some reason we continue to search for the one and only in our team. Passion flared up, a feeling of love appeared, and hope glimmers in the eyes, and the question sounds in my head: “What if?".

Novels at work are fastened quite often. They also often run out. Today we will try to answer a few questions that concern you:

• why does the relationship break up?

• how to live and work further with this person?

The psychology of the relationship of a man to a female colleague differs radically from the female view of informal official relations. We will tell you about the conclusions made by psychologists.

1 Men in their essence are boys who have a lot of unrealized erotic fantasies in their heads, and one of the most striking is sex on the desktop. Therefore, having received what they want, many try to break off relationships or keep them only to satisfy their passion. In women, sexual dreams are much less common, most of them are romantic in nature: hugged, kissed, carried in his arms to bed, called, came, looked and hugged again …

2 Just as bachelors do not like encroachments on their freedom, married women do not want to let female colleagues into their lives. The female half of the population, on the other hand, subconsciously seeks a logical conclusion in relationships – to get married or find a physically and financially wealthy lover. 

3 Work, and also interesting, beloved and profitable, is more important for most men than the most charming and attractive employee, all the more dreaming to lure him. So in the event of the development or rupture of relations, men are mainly worried about their “warm” workplace. According to social polls, 80% of women are ready to give up a successful career for the sake of a beloved or, on the contrary, unloved man. 

4 Men practically do not care about gossip at work, the novel is perceived by them as a love victory. But women take gossip to heart. Surprisingly, much more men are condemned and pitied for an office romance of women.

Most often, these reasons are the root of the problem of breaking up relationships and ending an office romance. Tears, tantrums, declaring war and falling into depression will not help here. You just need to believe that negative emotions bring not only mental suffering, but also very great benefits: your thoughts are activated, problems are gradually solved, and intense work can heal you from unrequited love. 


Survive After: Rules for Survival

• limp from unsuccessful relationships, you run the risk of losing your job – at work, do work if quitting or transferring is not included in your plans;

• if possible, during the anger and depression stages, take a vacation and rest;

• don’t think of him as a lover – he is a workmate, not a man;

• calm down and think about the fact that in family life this friend is probably not an angel;

• remember, work is money, it is impossible to live without money, but without a man it is possible, but not for very long, so it’s better to go out “to people” and you will definitely be lucky;

• exclude even minor accusations and claims;

• always maintain an even style of communication;

• gap by gap, and scheduled manicure – take care of yourself, as before, do not change your style of clothing;


• do not hesitate to contact him on work matters – your main task is to find in him a true ally, with whom you can no longer be afraid of an office romance;

• do not step on the same rake twice – you do not need it in your soul and bed again, protect yourself from another mistake – the film "Office Romance" is most likely not about you.

The psychology of family relationships is constantly faced with the problem of an office romance, since married people often start intrigues at work. Only in psychology this is called the word "treason", and this is a completely different story.

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