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How stars dress up for Halloween


All Saints’ Eve is celebrated annually in the United States. On Halloween, it is customary to carve figures from a pumpkin in the form of a human head, with eye sockets, a nose, a mouth, with a lit candle inside. In addition, the entire population dresses up in various masquerade costumes, and the star cast is no exception.

For example, in 2007, Christina Aguilera wore a hat stylized as a spider and a black bodycon dress. The created image symbolized the "black widow", accompanied by singer Jordan Bratman, dressed in a Dracula costume.

Some male actors prefer female costumes. So, Jason Biggs put on a dress in a large cage and a wig with pigtails, he had makeup on his face, and fishnet stockings and red boots on his legs.

On All Saints’ Day in 2008, some stars came with their children. Kate Beckinsale dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, her ten-year-old daughter chose the outfit of Marie Antoinette. Under the mask of a dead pirate, the actress’s husband, Len Wiseman, was hiding.

Actress Bette Midler shocked the audience with the image of a butcher, an additional accessory was the false jaws of a vampire. The makeup was also unusual: circles under the eyes, and a trickle of bright red flowed from the mouth.

Heidi Klum impressed the guests of her Hollywood party with the image of the many-armed goddess Kali.

In 2009, Woody Goldberg wore a black angel costume without even having to put on makeup. And Bette Midler preferred the image of a good fairy, appearing in a pink dress and a fan in her hands.

And singer Pink looked funny in a clown costume. The singer had a red hair wig on her head, a short dress decorated with circles of different shades served as an addition, and black tights on her legs.

Some stars prefer to dress up, parodying the heroes of famous films. Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku donned gangster costumes, judging by the gray skin tone and blood streaks on their clothes, they looked like a pair of Bonnie and Clyde, who had risen from hell to continue to commit crimes.

Other stars love food costumes. For example, Kelly Osbourne and her date Luke Worrall showed up at the party wearing the idea of ​​scrambled eggs and bacon.

Gwen Stefani dressed up as a cowboy and her kids dressed up as green and yellow dinosaurs. Heidi Klum again struck the imagination of others with her costume in the idea of ​​a black crow. And Harrison Ford wore an outfit in the form of a pea pod.

For some stars, Halloween is an occasion to relax, forget about conventions, and sometimes go beyond what is permitted. But some take the party seriously, associating it with a home holiday. So, Alyson Hannigan came to the event in a kangaroo costume, accompanied by a similarly dressed husband and kangaroo children.

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