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That’s what we always have enough – so it’s problems! Financial, psychological, political – whatever. And then there are socio-sexual or, as it is now fashionable to say – gender arrived in time. Or rather, they have always been, but they started talking about it not so long ago. Yes, we are different, and this breeds misunderstanding. Not just different, but according to Chinese philosophy – mutually destroying. The female element is water, the male element is fire. Water can put out fire, fire can dry up water. And despite this, we are irresistibly drawn to each other.

Leafing through the pages of our history, we see an endless string of wars. Wars created a shortage of the male population. A woman became both a mother and a father to her sons, her masculine qualities intensified. It was a bitter necessity. The daughters raised by her also adopted masculine qualities from their mother, and the sons were deprived of initiative, since the mother carried all the difficulties on her strong, fragile shoulders. A similar stereotype was passed down from generation to generation, resulting in the image of a modern mutant woman – a kind of marine in armor, with a sword in her hand and riding an armored personnel carrier. Female mutants gave birth to male mutants – somewhat infantile, with an excess of female character traits.

Now we live in peacetime, it is not necessary to take up arms to protect our land from enemies. But the bias in relation to the sexes, which arose in difficult times, is relevant. It remains to be hoped that mother nature will take care of us: after all, it is nature that has masculinity in men, and femininity in women. We just need to listen to our genes – to restore the balance of the sexes. Only then will mutual understanding, love and joy reign in our families. A woman, like the pagan Lada, is already so strong, strong with her gentle fragility, and the man still remains the main earner and protector, a sort of god Svarog, the patron of his Lada.

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