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Actors who died after filming in horror films


Their deaths are still controversial

Most people who are closely associated with the film industry are quite superstitious, and for good reason. Often things happen on the set that are difficult to explain even to experienced filmmakers, and sometimes it comes to tragic events. Today we decided to remember which of the artists died after filming in mystical films or horror.

Brandon Lee

Probably one of the most terrible mystical stories happened to the son of Bruce Lee. Brandon starred in the next film, the plot of which was quite frightening – the actor played the resurrected avenger. In one of the episodes, Lee’s character was supposed to get hit by a bullet. Naturally, the guns for filming were carefully checked daily, but somehow the bullet in the revolver turned out to be real. Brandon was seriously wounded in the stomach and died literally within half an hour. The actor who made the fatal shot suffered from depression for many years and could not accept what had happened.

Actors who died after filming in horror films

Jack McGowran

One of the scariest movies in human history is The Exorcist. Moreover, the problems began already on the set itself. It all started with a fire on the set, after which there was an unpleasant story with a thunderstorm that damaged one of the most important scenery. But perhaps the most surprising thing is that about ten people who took part in the creation of the film died at different times under unclear circumstances. One of the most mysterious deaths was the death of Jack McGowran, his hero in the story is thrown out the window by a demon. Before the world premiere of the film, the actor became seriously ill and died on the day when the first screening of the film was scheduled.

Actors who died after filming in horror films

Brittany Murphy

The actress passed away quite early. The girl received an offer to star in a mystical thriller, where she was assigned the role of a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, during filming, the actress contracted an infection that caused complications in her lungs. As a result, Murphy died before filming ended. There is still no consensus on what actually caused the actress to die so early. Even the girl’s parents do not agree with the official version of the death.

Actors who died after filming in horror films


The horror "Queen of the Damned" turned out to be quite successful, which could not but please the producers of the picture, but for the lead actress this project became fatal. At the end of the film, Alia’s character dies, turning to dust. Under unclear circumstances, just a few weeks after the end of filming, the girl lost control while driving her car and had an accident with a tragic ending – the actress died without regaining consciousness.

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