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Sale like a quest


Twice a year, thrifty fashionistas have the opportunity to replenish their wardrobe through sales. However, the tempting seasonal discounts offered by stores are far from always profitable and justified for customers. However, it is still possible to really save money and buy really necessary things at sales.

Like any quest, an exciting action called "sale" has its own rules of the game. Before the sales start, go around the stores where you plan to buy discounted items and pay attention to the prices. So you protect yourself from the standard trick of many sellers, when they write inflated amounts on price tags and cross them out. But in fact, the "new" price remains the same as it was before the so-called sale.

When you go shopping for discounted prices, make a list of what you need to buy. So, if you came for a dress, don’t be distracted by jeans or blouses. Otherwise, you risk buying a lot of unnecessary things.

Sometimes the difference between the old and the new price of a thing is so tempting that your legs themselves carry you towards the checkout. Do not hurry. Think about whether you really need this acid yellow blouse for only 500 rubles.

The sale quest has its own characteristics. Keep in mind that prices drop gradually during the seasonal sale. Within one or two weeks, minimum discounts are set – 10-20%, then – 30%. And only by the end of the sale you have the opportunity to save 50-70% of the original cost of the item. Unfortunately, most of the goods have already been sold out by this point, and a very meager assortment is offered to customers.

With regard to the choice of things offered at sales, it is important to be prudent here. Buy those items of clothing that you would have purchased in the absence of sales. It can be things of a classic cut or colors, styles and shades that are right for you. There are clothes that always remain fashionable and relevant. For example, next summer you can safely buy white trousers: white is a favorite of every summer season. Linen clothing is also very practical, comfortable and beautiful. A good investment in the sale will be the purchase of shoes or bags made of genuine leather.

Now let’s talk about what to avoid in sales. Do not buy trendy things that were relevant in the outgoing season: next year they will be replaced by something new. Various fashion items, such as sandals on a huge platform or heavily flared jeans, will also look ridiculous over time.

And finally, in the process of "playing" you may encounter unforeseen difficulties. What to do if you decide to return a purchase from a sale? During sales in stores, you can see the announcement: "Discounted goods are not subject to exchange and return." But this is illegal, since the store is responsible for any product of proper quality. According to Article 25 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, you have the right to exchange a product for a similar one if it does not suit you in size, style, color or configuration. This can be done within 14 days, and the thing should not be in use, and the receipt and tags are saved.

Some stores practice discounts on items with defects (stains, uneven seams, low-quality patterns). In this case, the thing must have a special marking (on the price tag, label or sales receipt) indicating the reason for the markdown. By purchasing such a product, you will not be able to exchange it or return it, since the buyer was warned in advance about the shortcomings.

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