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Shopaholic or just a shopper


All women love shopping, with very few exceptions. But sometimes the passion to buy acquires the features of a real disease. It even got its name – shopaholism, consonant with alcoholism. How do you know if you’re suffering from shopping binges?

You just need to honestly answer the questions below. Try it and clarity will come. For each “yes" answer, add 2 points to yourself, do not award points for other answers. So let’s go.

1 Is it true that in a store, boutique, shopping center you look around, often you cannot decide and make purchases impulsively, at random?
2 When you get home, you sometimes get angry with yourself for buying something that you don’t really need.
3 However, you are not in a hurry to return all this rubbish.
4 It happens that you go shopping to unwind a little, to cheer yourself up.
5 Many times you made a promise to yourself that you would no longer make unnecessary, unplanned purchases, but each time you did not keep your vow.
6 When you don’t know what to do, you go to the store and do some shopping.
7 Sometimes you even spent other people’s money on clothes because you couldn’t resist buying them.
8 When you walk down the street, you go into every store where, of course, you spend money.
9 Often you go to buy one thing, but in the end you buy something completely different, not at all necessary.
10 You often suffer from feelings of guilt for spending too much on yourself again.

Now add up your points.
0-6: You are not a shopaholic, you can shop with pleasure!
8-12: You tend to make random purchases. Therefore, try to carefully plan them, remembering that. that you are at risk.
14-20: Most likely, you are a shopaholic. Something needs to be done about this urgently. Try to heal yourself: do not go shopping after work, if you need to make a purchase, take a friend with you to stop you from rash spending. You can find an interesting activity with a strict regime and follow it.

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