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Shopping in Italy


One of the pleasures of a holiday abroad is good shopping. All of us. Having gone on vacation, we not only bask on the golden sand, splash in the azure waters and enthusiastically go on excursions, but also selflessly make purchases. Where to do this, if not in Italy?

If you are going to Italy for expensive clothes of famous brands, you need to look for it in the city center (wherever you are), in numerous boutiques. In Oima, such stores are located on Piazza di Spagna and not far from it, in Milan there is a kind of “fashion triangle" with sides from Via Montenapoleone, Via Andrea, Via Gesu, Via Borgospesso and Via della Spiga. Shops of the most famous Italian couturiers coexist here.

But in Italy, you can buy not only designer items. There are many other purposes for good shopping. For example, during the sales season, it is quite possible to stock up on excellent clothes, exquisite lingerie, fashion accessories, and excellent shoes at good prices. Sales are traditionally held in winter – from January 7 to March 1, and summer – from July 10 to August 31.

Crystal or antiques can be a good purchase, you should pay attention to household items and gold jewelry, furniture. It is impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of buying real Parmesan cheese and Parma ham, as well as delicious olive oil, high-quality Italian wines, and grappa.

All shops in Italy are usually open from 8 am (rarely from 9) until 7 or 7.30 pm. Break – from 13 to 15 hours. Sunday and Monday morning – rest, everything is closed, except for large shopping centers. Small shops may close as early as Saturday afternoon. In Italy, there is a vacation period (2 and 3 weeks of August), when not a single store and outlet at clothing factories work. Shopping will also not be possible during national and public holidays.

In shops in Italy, you can pay for things in cash, credit or ATM cards. Tourists from countries outside the European Union are entitled to Tax-free, which is VAT minus administrative tax, that is, 14.5% of the purchase price. Money is paid at the border, when leaving the country, upon presentation of a check, passport and purchase in unopened form.

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