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Aren’t humans strange creatures? A lot of people spend their lives in a crazy pursuit of time, immersed in everyday life, they are busy with thousands of things. And in their free time they distract themselves by watching TV or sitting on Facebook, or surrounded by people, noise, alcohol and drugs. In this endless whirlpool of deeds and lack of life, the most important thing is lost – what is inside, not outside.

Start at home

Some people are afraid of being alone. If a person is not used to being alone, he will sacrifice the quality of his relationships just to have them. This fear of being alone with yourself indicates a fear of being alone with your innermost emotions, which can be unpleasant or painful. Therefore, people often prefer to distract themselves with all sorts of external things.

But if your emotional needs are not heard and left unaddressed, if you do not accept your strengths and weaknesses unconditionally, you will live a life in disguise, pretending to be someone else in order to find in other people what you deny in yourself. Human beings are not born emotional zombies. Children don’t think about their emotions, they just feel and express them. Unfortunately, the child may be ignored, hurt, bullied or abused during the socialization process.

In this case, the only thing he can do is hide the pain deep in his subconscious, because a small child depends on others and wants to feel worthy of love and respect. But once children reach adulthood, they must take charge of their emotional health, heal their own wounds, and meet the needs of their inner child. If they do not, they will live with a void that they will try to fill with superficial or frivolous relationships.

Your life must be rich

Learning to understand, love and appreciate the most important things that you have should be your main task. The more you learn to love yourself, the greater will be your desire to share love with others, because real love is for sharing.

It is like an avalanche that captures everyone, which is why the desire to share this love with other people is simply inevitable. This can be achieved not with an emptiness in the soul or hiding behind the mask that you often wear, but only guided by a sense of satisfaction with yourself and your actions. In good company, you can learn, grow, love, enjoy and have fun, so do not be afraid to start a relationship. Because, after all, your true mission in this world is to develop the ability to love yourself as well as others.

When you understand this and live with the purpose of fulfilling this mission, you will find that true and unconditional love, which is the greatest treasure. Abundance, pleasure, success, possessions, or wealth cannot replace the happiness that true unconditional love brings. But you must start by loving and accepting yourself. Self-love gives both partners a sense of security and trust that we usually look for in others.

But instead of trying to get love from someone else, or even demanding it, share love for yourself with your significant other. Self-forgetfulness or insecurity most often lead to the breakup of a couple. Learning to truly love yourself will help improve your relationship. Love is the best there is, but you can’t give what you don’t have. Until you learn to love yourself, you cannot love another person.

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