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Tom Cruise Helping David Beckham Become an Actor?


David Beckham and Tom Cruise

No one doubted that the energetic David Beckham, having tied up with a sports career, would not sit still: rumors leaked to the press that the athlete dreams of retraining as actors, and even asked for patronage from an old friend, Tom Cruise.

It was not in vain that David turned to Tom: Beckham dreams of playing one of the roles in an action-packed action movie, and Tom has almost the entire track record of successful blockbusters. An insider let slip about the intentions of the star:

True, recently Tom and David began to meet less often – Beckham did not like his friend’s passion for Scientology and an active desire to attract more stars to this movement. However, they did not stop communicating fully, and now Becks hopes that Cruz will help his career. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Beckham in Mission Impossible 5.

However, David himself is a tasty morsel for the picture. His name alone in the credits promises to collect a serious box office for any film.

Tom Cruise Helping David Beckham Become an Actor?

Tom Cruise wants to make David Beckham a movie star

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