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You do not need to be an architect and have special knowledge to understand that the construction of each house should begin with a foundation. In the case of family happiness, this foundation, of course, is love. If there is no love, then do not even try to arrange your family happiness. Of course, you can try to form a family that will be based on common interests, habits or sexual desire. But over time, there is a high probability that such a family will collapse at the very first problems, just like a house without a solid foundation, at the slightest earthquake.

It is also worth understanding that love alone is not enough for family happiness. Since a good house consists of more than just a foundation, right? In addition to love, mutual understanding is required to create family happiness. In a prosperous family, coherence, harmony and complete harmony between husband and wife are constantly present. No wonder one of the famous writers said that loving people are not those who look at each other, but those who look in the same direction. Of course, there are situations in life when it is quite difficult to find understanding. After all, even people between whom there is great love can look at different situations from different angles. At the same time, conflict often brews in the family. In such a situation, one of the spouses has to compromise, stepping over himself. So we got to another component of family happiness – self-sacrifice. Naturally, for a happy family it is very important that both spouses possess this quality. It is not very good when only the husband, or only the wife, is constantly inferior in conflict situations. It is always worth considering the opinion and feelings of a partner, as this is another component of family happiness – respect for each other.
A rather important aspect in building family happiness is attention to your WHAT IS FAMILY HAPPINESS BASED ON?soulmate. Don’t forget the nice little things you can do for your loved ones. Indeed, sometimes a combination of small surprises can bring much more joy and happiness than the most expensive gift.
The next brick of marital happiness is the ability to forgive, as well as to ask for forgiveness. It is common for every person to make mistakes. At the same time, people have a feeling of resentment towards another person. In a happy family, the main thing is not how often the spouses quarrel, but how quickly they make up after.
Trust is something without which it is difficult to imagine family happiness. If people in the family do not trust each other, this leads to frequent quarrels for any reason. And constant distrust, sooner or later, destroys even the strongest feelings. For this reason, it is very important to learn to trust your partner as yourself. But it is not worth using trust for selfish purposes. Remember that any lie, sooner or later, will be revealed and in this case it will be very difficult to regain the trust of your loved one.
No matter how strange it may sound, freedom is needed to build family happiness. Many may think that this, in principle, contradicts the concept of an ideal family, in which everything should be common and united. But this is far from true. Yes, of course, we are obliged to give part of our freedom to a loved one, but not all freedom. It should be understood that each person is first and foremost an individual. He needs his own space and some time for himself. Remember that when you get married, you do not become a prisoner in a prison where freedom must be earned. Give your significant other at least some free time, and they will thank you in kind.
Well, here we have reached the final stage of building family happiness. No house can exist without a roof. And the roof of the family is patience. Very often, it is patience that can keep families together even in the most difficult times. Remember that in life after a black stripe there always comes a white one. The main thing is to find strength in yourself and survive all the hardships together, and then your family will always be the happiest.

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