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A short whirlwind romance or a long romantic relationship will eventually land you in bed. And, of course, you will wonder how to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences. Perhaps you belong to the category of people who, in principle, do not believe in safe sex, and it’s better to drink tea together then. But don’t be so skeptical about protected sex. Sex with a condom is the safest nowadays. After all, this way you can protect yourself not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from numerous sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

Having sex without a condom

Many couples claim that sex without a condom has more vivid and pleasant sensations. While the use of a condom reduces sensitivity and can sometimes lead to irritation of the mucosa in women. However, couples who have long tested each other for a long time and completely trust each other can still afford to make love without a condom. If you plan to spend only the next night with a person, think for yourself that, in addition to the name, you can find out about a potential partner in the evening. And is it worth risking your health for the sake of short vivid sensations.

And yet sex without a condom has a proven plus. American scientists have found that unprotected sex is a real cure for female depression. Sex without a condom is accompanied by a powerful energy and chemical exchange. Male sperm contains chemicals that serve as a natural antidepressant for women.

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Moreover, women who have sex without a condom are more comfortable with its complete absence and are less prone to suicidal thoughts.

Whether you use a condom during sex or not is up to you. In any case, you must be responsible for your actions and understand the consequences of your decisions.

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