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“I’m tired", “not up to it”, “a lot of problems have piled up”, “come on tomorrow”, “critical days have begun” – have you noticed such statements? Maybe not exactly the same, but very similar? If you say this a couple of times a week, and sex happens only once (and then, if the husband persuades) – then be sure that your beloved, with thoughts “wife doesn’t want sex, what to do,” will move on to action. And of course, there are those who want to have sex with him. It’s better for you not to know about it. And why? The main thing for you is that your husband will no longer seek sex from you. He will have sex, at a convenient time for him. Yes, it’s not far from the breakup of the family.

If your plans do not include destroying relationships, then let’s take a look at the reasons why women refuse intimacy to men.

1. Most often, hormones are the culprits for a decrease in female libido. They are responsible for our desire for intimacy and mood. Have you noticed more than once how you want your man in the first phase of the monthly cycle, and how this desire fades away before critical days? Progesterone and estrogen drop, and your desire for sexual contact disappears. Often libido disappears due to the use of hormonal drugs, for example, contraceptives.

2. Lack of physical activity is a negative factor for female sexuality. During sports, the tone of all muscles improves. Stagnation in the small pelvis is dispersed by increased blood circulation. And if a girl wants to lose a couple of extra pounds, but finds many reasons to go to the gym, she sits down on a new fashionable diet. And it’s a vicious circle. From the diet, depression, headaches begin, and this, in turn, leads to the rejection of sex.

3. Men may not realize that the wife does not want sex simply because she is tired. During the day, you need to redo a lot of things – feed the family, work with children, clean the house, pay bills. There are so many different thoughts and problems in my head that sex is left behind. After all, in order to tune in to a romantic wave, you need to be rested and confident in your attractiveness (at least a neat hairstyle and manicure). And this time is often not enough.

4. Untidiness. If a husband is sitting in front of the TV in old shorts, a dirty T-shirt, and even with a bottle of beer, then what kind of desire for sex are we talking about? Every woman wants to see a neat and well-groomed man. And the less husbands take care of themselves, the more wives do not want sex.

5. Humiliation. When rudeness and disrespect reign in the family, and after a bottle of vodka the wife turns into a punching bag, then it’s time to forget about sexuality. Yes, you can endure beatings and bullying all your life, but you will forever have to forget about the joys of intimacy.

6. Pregnancy. Charming future moms, understand that pregnancy is not a disease. This is a temporary state. No one has canceled all the joys and pleasures. The baby is not in danger during your “minutes of communication” with your husband, if you do not have the threat of a miscarriage and other pathologies. There is no need to be ashamed of your changed body. Your partner loves you for who you are. Many men claim that pregnancy is very sexy.

7. Rare meetings. It seems that the distance brings two loving people together. But practice shows that the opposite is true. Daily problems at work, busyness, lack of time. In the evenings, the spouses discuss domestic issues. At the entrance, I want to do a lot of things (for a girl – meeting with friends, classes with children, visiting beauty salons. For men – fishing, football). So it turns out that sex remains in the background. Very in vain. After all, sex is physical love. And it needs to be practiced regularly so as not to wean.

Summing up the above reasons why a wife does not want sex, tips for women on how to establish sexual relationships in the family are ripening:

– Do not overwork! Try to sleep about 8 hours a night.

– Throw everyday problems out of your head, switch to passion.

– Do some exercise. You can train together, it will bring you closer.

– Talk to your husband. Understand that he is not a telepath and cannot know how tired you are at work, or how you worry about that homeless dog near the entrance. Let me know if you want more attention or help around the house. Explain the reason for your reluctance. 

Treat yourself to dark chocolate and red wine. They improve blood circulation, and give energy for carnal pleasures. Red is associated with sex.

The fact that the wife does not want sex is a problem not only for men, but also for women themselves. Let’s solve problems and get sexy!

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