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Jennifer Aniston accused of star disease


Information has appeared in the Western media that one of the Friends, actress Jennifer Aniston, is actually not very friendly. Sources shared with the publication the details of the situation on the set of the film "Changeling".

First, Aniston never has lunch with the film crew. When everyone gathers in the common dining room and has fun for an hour or two at lunch, Jenn quickly picks up her portion and runs away with it to the trailer:

Every day at lunch, the entire cast and crew members meet together in the dining room: always sit down together and dine for an hour or more. The only person who doesn’t join everyone else is Jenn. She quickly grabs her lunch and leaves.

In general, the actress rarely leaves this very trailer, which even stands outside the site – she sits there alone in between filming, disdaining communication with the team. And Jenn’s trailer itself is much better than the rest of the actors, including Isla Fisher and Tim Robins.

The news would not be so interesting (think, a person loves to eat alone), if not for the tabloids verdict: “Pregnant!". Like, she doesn’t eat with everyone, because she is sick. He sits in the trailer for hours and changes clothes in the same place – so that the stomach is not noticed. Well, in general, mood swings and periodic "turning on Diva" in this state are quite natural.

Well, what can I say. Judging by the way out at the Oscars, everything is fine with Jennifer’s figure, and her mood too. Perhaps the fans so want Aniston to still have children that they are ready to see signs of pregnancy in any actions of their favorite actress. Guessed the media this time, or not – we’ll find out in three months.

Jennifer Aniston accused of star disease

Jennifer Aniston goes into hiding on the set of Changeling

Jennifer Aniston accused of star disease

The media blamed the "star disease" Jennifer aniston pregnancy

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