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Autumn is approaching, and there is not far from winter, but no one has canceled the rest. Yes, it seems to be still summer on the street and yesterday, and a month ago there was hot weather, but they didn’t have time to really relax. Do you want to relax the remaining few weeks of summer as if it had just begun? Then go to the amazing islands towards the oceans, seas, warm sand and nature. Where can you go to give vent to emotions and feelings? Here is a list of the most popular and delightful islands:

* Bora Bora – an island in the Pacific Ocean, is a so-called volcanic cauldron in which a lagoon has formed, and the furious elements no longer disturb the island. White sandy beaches, incredible beauty of nature, an abundance of sea beauties, many entertainment buildings, hotels, shops. In general, if you are going to relax and shop, then you are in Bora Bora.

* Boracay – travel to the Philippines and visit this amazing island. Boracay is the heart of the Philippine nightlife. Solid parties, eternal parties, beach discos and eventful holidays. What is worth walking along White Beach. This four-kilometer beach is filled with bars, shops, restaurants, as if dotted with them. Relax to the fullest in a wonderful place called Boracay.

* The Seychelles are islands in eastern Africa. 115 islets create this name. Heaven for surfers and ocean lovers. The Indian Ocean will gladly take you into its arms. And the local people will gladly arrange trips through huge palm forests, the underwater world, coral reefs and show you amazingly large turtles.

* Fiji – more than three hundred islands covered with mountains, evergreen trees, having at their disposal blue lagoons, incredible access to the ocean and breathtaking beauty. Diving, surfing, snorkelling, kayaking. Excursions with the study of local fauna and flora. A charming place to live forever in your soul.

* The Maldives is a collection of small islands, of which there are more than a thousand. Incredible tropical flora, beauty of the Indian Ocean, blue lagoons, white sandy beaches. One big delight from this place. Relax alone or with the whole family. There will be something for everyone here. Especially you ladies.

The Maldives offers you a lot of beauty salons and spas. Relax with pleasure.

* Zanzibar is an archipelago located in the waters of the Indian Ocean, in eastern Africa. Clean beaches, blue clear ocean water and calmness that fills the whole body from the fingertips to the hair on the head. It’s like in a fairy tale: you go south you will find beautiful beaches, you go north you will find entertainment.

* Hawaii is the beaches, the ocean, many waterfalls, the birthplace of amazing orchids growing high in the trees. Coves with coastal waves, jungles and many different animals that you previously only saw on TV.

* Langkawi means beaches, beaches and more beaches! Lots of crocodiles and other exotic animals will be right in front of your eyes. Fruits that you can get yourself while traveling in the jungle. Feel like a real Lara Croft, find the treasures of this island and save the world from evil and bad people.

* Bonaire is an island in the Caribbean. A sea of ​​corals, graceful fish species, tropical animals and beautiful, amazing, bewitching nature. Relax here the way you always wanted, do not deny yourself anything. Enjoy the sea, sun and clean beaches.

Go on holiday to the islands. Recharge with heat and ocean energy for the next cold seasons.

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