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The issue of contraception is very important, in order to choose the right means of protection, many factors must be taken into account. The most affordable and easy to use right now are condoms and birth control pills. Let’s consider each method separately.


Taking hormonal contraceptives requires discipline – they need to be drunk at a certain time. This method is good if a woman has one sexual partner, in whose state of health she is sure, otherwise she will have to use a condom.

Hormonal contraceptives are prescribed only by a doctor, it is not worth the risk.

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Contrary to the common horror story, pills do not get fat – in the first months you can add a kilogram of weight (fluid retention in the body), but over time the situation stabilizes. Some pills relieve skin problems, making it clear and matte.

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The principle of action of contraceptive pills is as follows: they thicken the cervical mucus, as a result of which the spermatozoa cannot "get to the target." Also, the pills suppress ovulation, change the uterine mucosa – a fertilized egg cannot attach to it, and reduce the activity of spermatozoa in the fallopian tubes.


This method is good for young girls who are just starting to have sex. In most cases, the first man is unlikely to be the only one – sexual partners exchange bacteria, resulting in an inflammatory reaction (this is not necessarily an infection). And in order not to get used to new microbes every time, it is easier to use a condom. Plus protection against venereal diseases, AIDS. And, of course, from unwanted pregnancy.

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As an addition to a condom, you can use combined oral contraceptives – rubber product No. 2 has an annoying habit of tearing when not asked.

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