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Winter in Europe. How to dress?


Foreign countries are not as inaccessible as it seemed a few years ago. Now many have the opportunity to explore the world. Our compatriots go not only to the sea and to exotic countries. In recent years, trips to Europe have become very popular, where you can visit ancient cities and enjoy excellent holidays at spa resorts and ski slopes.

The weather in Europe is determined by the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the warm current of the Golf Stream. A decrease in temperature in Central Europe is observed in the second half of October and by December-January reaches its minimum values ​​- from +7 degrees to -4 degrees. If you go to Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Spain from November to January, it will seem to you that there is no winter there. There may be no snow at all. But this is a misleading impression. Be sure to need warm, light and comfortable clothes and shoes.

Typically, the duration of a tourist trip is from 7 to 10 days. Excursion routes involve heavy loads on the legs, because you have to walk a lot along the ancient city streets, most often paved with paving stones. Art galleries, castles and palaces also take a lot of effort. In order for the impressions from visiting ancient cities to be complete and vivid, nothing should overshadow them. Clothing and shoes should be as comfortable as possible.

For the period of the trip, you must stock up on a minimum set of clothes and shoes. You will need:
– 2 pairs of jeans or comfortable trousers;
– at least 4-5 pairs of socks or stockings made of wool or cotton with wool;
– 3-4 long sleeves (knitted T-shirts with long sleeves);
– a warm sweater with a high neck in case of increased wind;
– a knitted hat or fur headphones in case of increased cold weather;
– a warm scarf and gloves;
– a light down jacket, a short thin sheepskin coat or a drape coat as outerwear;
– comfortable warm boots, boots.

Be sure to bring warm underwear with you. The weather in winter in Europe is unstable. Today the sun is shining and +4 outside, and tomorrow a sharp wind will blow and it will rain with snow. Therefore, an umbrella will also be useful. By the way, in winter you can buy an umbrella in European cities at every turn for very little money – 5-10 euros. If you plan to visit expensive restaurants in the evening, be prepared for the fact that there may be a certain dress-code. Pack your cocktail dress or dress pants and blouse into your suitcase. They do not take up much space, but can come in handy on a trip.

Remember that the only thing that no one can take away from us is our memories and impressions. Don’t let the changeable European winter weather spoil them.

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