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Autumn, with its often slushy and windy weather, seems to be the worst time of the year to organize romantic meetings. One can only remember about warm starry nights, and so far one can only dream of skiing through a snow-covered park, with a thermos filled with hot fragrant coffee. But do not rush to get upset, turn on your imagination, because with its help you can fill even the coldest end of autumn for yourself and your loved one with warmth and bright colors. 

Autumn dates

We bring to your attention as many as ten options for organizing autumn dates, among which you are sure to find an idea that suits you.

Idea #1: An impromptu hike

If you live in a city, its everyday bustle is exhausting, so communication with nature will be a wonderful relaxation for you and your 2nd half. An autumn hike is so romantic and beautiful: sitting by a cheerfully crackling fire, cuddling up to each other, watching colorful leaves fall from the trees, frying sausages and making plans for the future.

Idea #2: A walk is an experience

If you don’t want to go hiking in wild places, ride horses with your loved one or go to the zoo or dolphinarium. Don’t forget to bring your camera, great pictures are guaranteed!

Idea # 3: Walk around the city in a limousine

There are limousine rental agencies in every city today. Book a car for the evening, because the city is on fire – it’s so beautiful, at the same time discuss the route of the walk. You can finish the romantic ride in your favorite cafe. 

Idea #4: Culinary Date

If going to a restaurant or cafe is too banal for you, we can offer you, together with your loved one, to cook an exotic dish unknown to you before and then eat it. Rolls, cheesecake, paella – there are so many interesting and tasty things in the world, why not please each other with the delicacies of joint preparation under a bottle of good wine? Organize a romantic evening for your loved one.

Idea #5: Sweet date

If the idea of ​​joint culinary creativity does not impress you, you can go on a tour of the confectionery factory. Sweets are loved not only by women, but also by men, besides, which of us from childhood did not want to see how chocolate and sweets are made, as well as try a freshly made fragrant tile.

Idea #6: Water rendezvous

Only memories remain of a beach holiday on the water, but autumn is a great time to visit a water park, spa or sauna together. Choose what you like best. If there is not a lot of money with money, you can always prepare a fragrant bath with rose petals at home, invite your loved one there, give him a massage.

Idea #7: Fly under the clouds

Skydiving is, of course, an activity for extreme people, but flying in a hot air balloon is very romantic and exciting, your significant other will remember such a date for a lifetime!

Idea No. 8: Meeting with the beautiful

Lovers with common interests in autumn can visit an exhibition, a museum, a gallery, a concert of their favorite band or even a festival with pleasure. 

Idea #9: Small Journey

There is almost a whole year before the holidays, and the winter holidays are not close, but why wait for them? Arrange a surprise for your loved one – choose some city that you both have never been to, and go there on a tour. Just do not forget to pre-book your hotel rooms for the night so that nothing mars your little voyage.

Idea #10: Home date

If you and your significant other are homebodies by nature, arrange a date at home. Cook your favorite dishes or just order pizza at home, watch an interesting movie wrapped in one blanket, look through an album with joint photos.

Autumn is no less beautiful time than summer, you just need to see its beauty. Do not be sad, but enjoy every moment that you spend with your loved one!

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