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What will his kiss tell


For every woman, the kiss of a beloved man has its own meaning. Understanding the meanings of each kiss is not so easy, the main thing is with what feelings they were received. They are different: friendly, with love for the child, but for the most part everyone is interested in the meaning of romantic kisses.

First you need to understand whether a man responds to your kisses or not. The answer is yes: what is happening gives him pleasure and the partner responds to the kiss. If the partner breathes evenly during the kiss, and after it begins to talk about completely different topics, then this does not mean anything good.

A kiss given to a woman on the cheek means that he needs her, and he strives to be with her.

At that moment, when a partner kisses on the neck, this lets you know that he has a desire to possess a woman.

A man kisses his hand – it means that he treats you with great friendship and respect.

When a gentle kiss is made on the nose, you can know for sure that the woman is very sweet.

A kiss presented on the lips, and even with closed eyes? This can only mean one thing: a man is passionately in love, or wants to show his feelings. When kissing on the lips with biting, know that the partner is a very jealous person, and he shows this without being shy.

Also, kisses are made with love:

– simple – except for the lips, the partners do not touch each other;
– French – the partner gently caresses the woman’s mouth with his tongue,
– a kiss with lulling, in this case, the man holds the woman’s face with his hands with his hands.
– a kiss is a butterfly, with him the partner kisses his beloved on different parts of the face, and at the same time gently touches her with his eyelashes.

Passionate kisses are:

– an adjacent kiss, the partner kisses the lower lip of his woman, and at that time she kisses his upper lip;
– a kiss in which duels of tongues take place;
– awakening kiss – a man begins to slowly kiss his sleeping beloved, gradually turning him into a very passionate one, until she wakes up.

Also, while in a serious relationship, try experimenting with drinks: take a mouthful of liquor and share it with your partner with gentle kisses. It will turn out simply unforgettable.

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