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“You will only defeat him when you defeat yourself," said her best friend. Lesya agreed in her heart. Indeed, it’s time to stop dating, parting, suffering, repenting…

Lesya called this unresolved novel a puzzle for two. They wrote it, and then tore the feelings to shreds.

We need to come up with an epilogue. What to invest in the last moments of their strange love? Maybe go back to the prologue?

“I was haunted by his eyes. They looked like the eyes of a hungry wolf. I mentally asked why? He should be happy and content with life. Such men achieve what they want. They don’t stop…"

“Make an appointment with me,” Anatoly said without any emotion.

“There will be no meeting,” Lesino had a premonition. – And is it necessary? We don’t have to apologize or invent something. All this is superfluous. Our romance is over." However, she said out loud:

– Good. Nowadays. As always.

Lesina’s premonition did not disappoint. Anatoly did not come. And rejoiced at that. And she was sad. She herself could not come. She left to return to last summer, memories, to the magic of their first meeting … In the middle of a large clearing, a fire is burning, burning. The flames are hot, like beckoning kisses. The needles are cracking. Hundreds of sparks create the sounds of fireworks. And fly into the dark skies. And crumble into orange stars. Lesya was seized by an incredible feeling of unreality. The world seemed special. And she was special. And her white robe against the dark night and fire was special. It was as if pagan magic had taken hold of her. And there was also the presence of a stranger, whom she called the Wolf. All this made her a wonder woman.

“She’s so… so…” she heard whispers.

“I’m just happy,” I wanted to answer. And for the first time, in the past few years of loneliness, to please yourself with this feeling. And an unfamiliar wolf must see this … Why did she choose him? Why couldn’t she avoid his gaze? Why did he choose her? What are you doing, Wolf, in this motley, crazy company? Deliberately escaped from the usual life? Everything here is too easy for you. Not your style. Not your entertainment.

Then two more joined their company. Where are others, where are yours? Around the campfire, people played with strangers, joked, and danced. Someone thought of turning on the music in the car. Lesya could not remember the last time in her life there had been such an improvisation.

The wolf invited her to dance. For a long time, gentle and strong male hands did not touch her subtle state.

— Anatoly.

– Lesya.

– You dance well.

– You too.

“Sorry for disturbing your holiday.

You made it more fun.

… No, the epilogue should be a road that leads to the unknown or nowhere. The road along which Lesya and Anatoly returned from fun. She looked like a silver chain from the moonlight.

– Where would you like to go now? Anatoly asked.

“To the end of the world,” she laughed.

— And where is it?

“The end of the world is you,” she said to herself. She answered differently:

– Who knows.

… And, perhaps, to end the novel with simple words: “There is no need to regret anything. Holiness and sin, repentance and forgiveness, truth and deceit, meeting and parting – these are two people – a man and a woman, who are brought together by chance. And we became his next chosen ones, more precisely, captives. Some of us were forced to get sick, endure, fall and rise … Do not ask: what then? .. "

You will only defeat him…

“I defeated you, Wolf. That’s why I forgave and I don’t regret anything. My short happiness turned out to be deceptive. But it was. You returned to your familiar world. He returned to his wife, whom he did not love and who stubbornly did not want to make you happy with a son or daughter. A society of refined women and predatory men suits you. We were a short episode in our being…”.

Or maybe let this novel be without an epilogue? Let it remain unfinished. There must be something unfinished in life…

Leslie felt cold. For the memories and did not notice how time flew by. Home, to the warmth – drove myself. It will soon start to get dark. Uncomfortable winter days and short. More like a bus. There are a lot of people at the bus stop. Everyone is in a hurry at this time. Lucky were those who took the already crowded bus by storm. I had to stop rides.

– Frozen? the driver asked.

Lesya named the street.

– We’re on our way. Have we met? – looked at a random passenger.

– Probably not. I do not remember.

– It’s you! Where did you disappear to then? I never got around to asking you to dance. Who stole you?

Leslie didn’t remember him. And he remembered her. He was one of those that nailed to their company, then, in the summer. And he turned on the music in his car.

“I didn’t notice anyone then. Only Anatolia, “she answered mentally.

You were so happy then.

– Am I happy now?

“So no longer.

– Why?

“Happy people don’t ask that. You won’t believe it, but I knew that I would meet you. I went to this field. But there were always other people there.

“Here you have a novel without an epilogue,” she scoffed at herself.

“Will you allow me to invite you on a date?” At your convenience.

I won’t let you, I don’t even know your name.

— Anton.

– And I’m Lesya.

I don’t remember when I had dinner with a charming woman. Keep me company. Of course, if you are not expected.

Leslie agreed. Nobody was waiting for her. And no one was waiting for Anton.

Dinner in a small cozy restaurant dragged on for three hours. As if it wasn’t the first time we’d met.

When they went out into the street, they were met by a full month. They did not yet know that on this winter day they began to write a real story of their love. There is already a prologue. And the full moon is full of happiness …

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