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Often the life of married people turns into horror. It would seem that you have dreamed of a white dress all your life. You were happy to hear the offer. You answered “Yes" with a smile at the registry office. And enjoyed each other for several years. But then your life turned into suffering, and the family became the Titanic, which crashed into an iceberg. The relationship between a man and a woman is an art that takes years to learn. But you can still do it the other way. It is right to choose a husband for yourself, so that later you do not adapt to him, showing a miracle of wisdom. After all, a woman should be happy, right? How to choose the perfect one?

Relations between a man and a woman: choose a husband

For starters, you should make sure that men do not take their eyes off you. How to do it? Become a real woman. Sincerely love the strong half of humanity and get rid of the stereotypes that all men are goats. Then take care of yourself – sports, diet, stylist. And, most importantly, love yourself. You are beautiful, straighten your shoulders and smile.

Then you should take a closer look at the men around you. Girls love with their ears, but often in marriage, noodles fly off their ears and ladies are left with nothing. Choosing a man is worth paying attention to how much he appreciates you. Does an employee constantly lend you an umbrella and admire your productivity? Why not flirt with him? Going on a date, try to listen, but not with your heart.

A few simple tips:

  • Good old omen: if you want to know how a man treats people, look at how he treats the waiter. Is the man kind and generous? Take it! Looking at waitresses? Well then, start looking at the bartender or the chef. Didn’t leave a tip? Rest assured, one day he will start saving on you.

  • Don’t live with a high bar. One great meme has been floating around the Internet for a long time. A strong self-sufficient woman and forty seals. Do you want to join the ranks of such ladies? Then keep rejecting everyone.

  • The second extreme is falling in love with the first person who invited you on a date, dreaming of three children with him and a wedding. Dating is just getting to know each other better. Be confident, evaluate, observe, learn.

  • Don’t worry about salary. It is better to ask about plans, learn about potential and aspirations. A man can earn little, but burn with a dream that will make him a millionaire. And your faith in him will help you achieve success.

  • A big plus for a man is health. This means that your child is more likely to be as healthy as he is.

  • Another advice from psychologists. Introverts should pay attention to extroverts. Optimists to pessimists.

  • It is very important that your self-esteem increases next to a man. To do this, you must become special to him. Not just another lady ready to jump into bed with him. You must have zest. Then the man will look at you like a queen and you will become a real woman. This is what love is. You can marry such a man, but it is important to keep your relationship at the same level.


Remember that in Europe, many people think about family life, having taken place as a person. Women already have a car, an apartment, experience, self-confidence. At the same time, it is important not to play too much and stop in time, realizing that life will become more interesting with this man.

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