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Are you familiar with this situation: you met, fell in love, but it turned out that he was married. Actually, he never hid it, and he never promised you anything. Moreover, he always said that if something does not suit you, you can always leave. But you don’t leave, you continue this relationship for months, even years, knowing full well how it will end. You even sometimes endure insults – silently, blushing and "locking yourself with a key." Why?

It’s unpleasant for you to be a homemaker, to steal him for days, or just for an hour, to be bored and cry at night, and then give it back to his wife’s hands. You constantly repeat to yourself that you cannot build happiness on someone else’s misfortune, that he is not your man, but still you do not leave, sometimes for many, many years. Why? Perhaps, understanding why you stay with him, you will begin to live differently. Let’s think together, let’s try to judge calmly, not being ashamed of anyone and not humiliating ourselves to dot the i’s.

  • You are afraid to be alone. But aren’t you alone with HIM? You don’t even see other men because of him? Yes, there are men! You and your friends are ready to give everything for one HIS kiss. But without HIM, you could have many new people around, so interesting and different …

  • You just got used to it. This is how wives get used to their husbands, passing off habit as love. You just got used to his hands, to his voice, even to his smell. But do not confuse habit and love. When you leave, you will lose the habit, unless it is true love.

  • You are afraid of a new relationship, you are afraid of getting burned again. But who does not seek, he will not find. Staying with HIM, you lose THAT, another, maybe so dear … Never be afraid to seek.

  • You are lazy. But really, why should I strain if I already have almost constant sex, affectionate words, a man (though not mine, but regular). But if you are reading this article, it means that you need to get rid of your laziness and start doing something. A rolling stone gathers no moss. And don’t forget that the years go by so fast…

  • You love him. You love him all, so dear and so unique … Then here you can only sympathize. And ask: are you sure you love? Or maybe you should reread the previous paragraphs of this article?

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