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6 ways to have a super bachelorette party


A fun bachelorette party is not only a great way to have fun with your friends before the wedding, forgetting about the hassle for a while, but also an interesting option for those who just want to relax, but are already tired of banal friendly gatherings. There can be many scenarios for a bachelorette party, and the choice depends on your desire, character traits and financial capabilities.

Children’s holiday

You can organize a bachelorette party that will resemble a fun children’s party. This is especially true before the wedding, because in part you say goodbye to your old life and move on to a new level. Choose the funniest games and contests you loved as a kid and write a script. You can have a party with phantoms, soap bubbles, funny decorated dishes, etc.

Thematic photo session

To make the bachelorette party memorable for a long time, you can arrange a photo shoot for yourself and your friends. Scenarios and costumes can be any at your discretion. To cheer up before the wedding, you can rent a studio for a few hours and dress up as a princess, arrange a photo session-ball or go for a walk around the city in original costumes and with a professional photographer. And, finally, in the warm season, you can even go for a picnic photo shoot.

beauty and health

A great, albeit expensive option for a bachelorette party is a trip to the spa. The procedures will help you relieve fatigue, have fun, relax and significantly improve your appearance, which is especially important if you have a wedding in a few days. Visiting the spa with friends is not only healthy, but also a lot of fun.

home masquerade

You can arrange a bachelorette party at home by creating a special scenario and setting a dress code. Themed parties dressing up as witches, princesses, and other interesting characters can be a lot of fun if planned properly. Especially funny will be a masquerade in ridiculous, funny costumes.

Strict and tasteful

A super bachelorette party may not be too much fun. For example, you can hold a real tea ceremony in your home by inviting a specialist. If it was not possible to create the right atmosphere in the apartment, just find a good tea room and go there with your friends.


If you like outdoor activities, try hosting a paintball match with your girlfriends. Find a club that organizes such games and book a small tournament. This is a great way to get rid of negative emotions accumulated in the soul and have fun.

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