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Are Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page Dating?


Are Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page a couple in love or just friends? This question has been asked by all the fans of the actors for the last couple of days, and with them the Western press. The rumor of a new Hollywood romance was born from a single snapshot that director Zal Batmanglij tweeted:

Quick Fact: We’re talking about the filming of Batmanglij’s The East (which premiered at this year’s Sundance), starring Paige and Skarsgård. Actor Toby Kebbel also played one of the main roles in the film, and Rostam is the brother of Zal, the composer who wrote the music for the film.

And just like that, one nostalgic tweet spawned a new wave of Alexander and Ellen romance rumors. Recall that the press attributed the relationship to them back in March, and some sources claimed that the actors had been dating for a whole year – but secretly.

Friends or lovers, this couple is really regularly seen together – mainly, of course, as part of the Vostok promotional campaign, but when pictures of Skarsgard carrying Ellen’s suitcase appeared on the network, many considered this another proof of the novel. In addition, the stars themselves do not comment on their relationship. Ellen has repeatedly spoken in an interview that she does not want to share the details of her personal life:

Well, maybe the actress is right. In addition, as noted by many media outlets, Ellen has at least one reason to hide her relationship with Alexander – a huge army of fans of the True Blood star, who was extremely excited about reports of her idol’s new romance.

Are Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page Dating?

New office romance: Are Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page dating?

Are Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page Dating?Are Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page Dating?

Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard in The East

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