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Women’s management style


Gender differences are reflected in all spheres of life: family, social, professional. There are many stereotypes according to which a woman is characterized as a weaker, expressive and sensitive person. However, this is not always the case: according to statistics, more than half of the heads of medium and small businesses are women. Agree, the leadership of the company, even if it is small, is far from a sign of weakness. This article is devoted to the consideration of the female leadership style, its features, advantages and disadvantages.

Psychological differences between a female leader and a man
Researches of scientists on this topic have revealed that it is common for women to pursue a reward policy, while men are more inclined to force employees to carry out these assignments.
It is quite difficult to talk about which management style is more effective, since the result depends on many different factors: the gender composition of the team, the field of activity, the amount of wages. Nevertheless, it can be confidently asserted that the mixed management method (“carrot and stick method") is superior in terms of efficiency to both coercion and reward.
It is worth noting that it is women who often use the mixed method: they are more flexible in their beliefs, they are not stubborn to change their minds depending on the situation, while men are more likely to stand their ground, even if the situation requires a different behavior.

Attitude towards her role as a leader
The lady boss has to prove to the team every day that she is quite competent and strong in the field of the company’s activities, while men more often simply rely on their authority.
Women pay great attention to establishing relationships in the team, building a good reputation, which in the long run allows you to build a friendly team that will always support its leader. Men are less diligent in this matter: they take into consideration exclusively business issues, looking at relationships in the team as a work process.

Emotions and intuition
Due to their natural qualities, women are more sensitive and emotional. This is not always good: failures can unsettle a woman, while a rational man will immediately begin to look for a way out of a difficult situation.
On the other hand, women feel people more subtly, which gives them the opportunity to change their line of behavior in time depending on the reaction of their partner and achieve great success in business negotiations.
Do not forget about women’s intuition: it often helps women leaders make the right choice even in the face of a lack of information, which has a beneficial effect on the company’s business.

Speaking about the female leadership style, it is necessary to understand that not every woman will be able to successfully lead a team. This requires strength of character, responsibility, flexibility, patience and perseverance.
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