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Branded winter down jacket: the difference between the original and the fake


A fake winter down jacket can give you a lot of trouble. Firstly, you will be cold in it, even if the thermometer drops just below zero – a fake does not “keep" heat at all. Secondly, about a month after the purchase, low-quality fluff will begin to crawl out, and it will become absolutely impossible to wear it due to unaesthetics.

In order not to run into a fake when choosing a down jacket, be sure to consider the following nuances when shopping:

1 The best down jackets are made in Canada, Spain and France. The factories of this country produce products known for their quality throughout the world. They are “stuffed” with eider down, which has incomparable heat-preserving properties. True, it is collected and processed exclusively by hand, so such down jackets are very expensive. However, the price is fully justified – the quality of these down jackets will allow you to wear them for more than one year. A fake "made in China" is unlikely to warm you in cold winters: the lining of the product consists of chicken and duck feathers mixed with padding polyester.

2 A small bag containing a sample of the material used for padding will be attached to the branded down jacket. You have every right to open the bag and examine the fluff. It must be clean, dry and free from foreign odors. If its appearance leaves much to be desired, then you have a clear fake.

3 The fabric of the down jacket must be of high quality. Pay attention to the label: 100% synthetic is a sure sign of a fake. Such a down jacket will quickly get wet in a snowfall, and you won’t go to a ski resort in this. After several washes, its appearance will become unusable. The branded down jacket will consist of a blended fabric with a cotton content of at least 20%.

4 A good down jacket differs from a “fake” in weight. Feel free to ask the seller to weigh the model you like. If the weight of a potential purchase exceeds 600 grams, refuse to purchase. Most likely, in addition to down, a synthetic winterizer and chicken feathers were used in the manufacture of a down jacket. A product worthy of your attention will be light, but very warm. A fake will weigh 1.5-2 kilograms, but at the same time it will not warm you in the winter cold.

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