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Shopping Secrets: Don’t Overbuy!


Nothing to wear and nowhere to hang. This problem is familiar to many women. And the secret of its solution is simple – you just need to determine which of the things you need and not buy too much. Even on sales. Even if you really like it.

Let’s try to determine what will be superfluous for your wardrobe, and what is missing so that you always have something to wear, and so that the cabinet shelves do not break from an excess of what you will never wear. To do this, you should determine your basic wardrobe.

What is a basic wardrobe? This is a set of those things that are perfectly combined with each other, which fit perfectly on you and are suitable for any event. This, for example, is a classic pencil skirt in gray, black, dark blue. It’s a white, fitted shirt. And many other things, the lists of which are so fond of voicing stylists, fashion designers and other authoritative people in the field of fashion. But all of them are significantly different. And, of course, it differs for all people, depending on lifestyle, preferences, body type and appearance.

In order not to buy too much during shopping, try to keep in mind the very basic things that you already have in your wardrobe. Each time you try to buy a trendy blouse, already the tenth of the season, imagine which of the existing items you will combine it with. If at least three combinations do not come to mind, then it is better to return this trendy blouse to the hanger and save yourself the waste of a thing that you are unlikely to wear at least twice.

Many stylists say that a person should have only three colors in their wardrobe. Plus possible shades of these colors. And you can add brightness with the help of accessories: colored scarves, bracelets, scarves will help you turn any boring, inconspicuous look into an original and memorable one, with correctly placed accents. And a basic wardrobe of three primary colors that suit you will save you from the eternal problem of choosing the right clothes for different occasions.

The best way to keep a list of the basic things you have always in mind is to sort out your wardrobe, make a complete list of the things you have, take pictures of them and try to collect several sets of clothes from the existing one. And it will immediately become clear what is missing for a complete set, so as not to fall into the situation of "nothing to wear, but nowhere to put clothes." Then it will immediately become clear which colors prevail in your wardrobe, which silhouettes suit you the most, which style prevails. By limiting yourself to these three parameters, going shopping, you can always keep yourself from buying extra clothes.

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