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Britney Spears to open a pizzeria?


While Kevin Federline is getting used to family life again, Britney Spears is headlong into work. Now we can say with confidence that a bright streak has begun in the life of the singer: in addition to the fact that everything is fine with her boyfriend David Lucado, Spears also receives job offers with enviable regularity.

So Spears is currently in talks to perform with a new program in Las Vegas. In addition, there was information that the singer will sign a contract with a chain of Italian restaurants Meat Spot in the same city. The menu includes traditional Italian appetizers, as well as pasta and, of course, many types of pizza, one of Britney’s favorite dishes. Details of the upcoming partnership have not been released, but if rumors are to be believed, a branch co-owned by Britney Spears is about to open in Las Vegas South.

What exactly will be included in the duties of the pop princess is kept secret. But for sure, some signature dish named after Britney will appear on the restaurant menu. Or, for example, a delicious pizza "Oops I did it again". If you’re in Vegas, be sure to check it out!

Britney Spears to open a pizzeria?

Britney Spears now has a favorite restaurant

Britney Spears to open a pizzeria?

And she won’t have to snack on the go

Britney Spears to open a pizzeria?Britney Spears to open a pizzeria?
Britney Spears to open a pizzeria?

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