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How to become an Oxford student


A graduate of the oldest university in the UK will never be out of a job. Moreover, the work is prestigious and highly paid. This statement is valid for any country. And this is not the strongest motive for trying to get into the number of Oxford students. This task is difficult, but solvable. The main thing is not to deviate from the intended goal, even if the first, and possibly the second attempt, is not successful. True, strength of mind alone is not enough to win this battle. We also need talent in any of the branches of knowledge, which this university is able to develop to significant heights.

Long road to the goal

From desire to reality is a long and thorny path. You need to start it long before the moment when the first negotiations with a higher educational institution are held. After all, they need not just excellent grades, but really outstanding knowledge. By the way, it is better to enter a foreign university already having a bachelor’s degree obtained in your homeland in your pocket. So the probability of becoming the owner of a grant is much higher. After all, studying at Oxford University is not cheap. Another big plus is the presence of at least a little experience in the chosen specialty. Then certainly there will be no questions about the future professionalism of the one in whom the money is invested.

The university notifies about grant givers. You can search for them yourself, but this will require some knowledge and patience. By the way, with regard to patience, they need to stock up in abundance. The competition at Oxford is invariably great. You won’t be able to get past it. This means that you will have to constantly improve your knowledge, including language.

How to become an Oxford student

It all starts with a letter

The acquaintance of a potential student and those on whom it depends whether he becomes valid begins in absentia. It may take more than a year from the moment of application to the publication of information about enrollment. All this time, you will have to correspond with members of the selection committee, who are required to explain the various nuances associated with admission. The main thing is not to ask at the same time primitive questions that will immediately throw the unfortunate applicant into the boundless distance. And, irrevocably.

When all the torment is behind

Having become an Oxford student, you can forget about entertainment. Although there will be a lot of free time. But, according to the long-term tradition that has developed in the university, it is also directed to the educational direction. These are numerous hobby groups and sports sections.

How to become an Oxford student

The time spent within the walls of the educational institution depends on the future specialty and the model of the diploma. A bachelor’s degree takes 3 to 6 years to complete. A master’s degree can be completed in a year, but this is if you do not engage in research work. The term of the program with scientific developments is extended by another year. But upon completion, it is possible to defend a doctoral dissertation.

Currently, Oxford University has 20,000 students, one in four of them are foreigners. About 4,000 teachers share their knowledge with future bachelors and masters, 70 of them are members of the Royal Society, and about 100 are members of the British Academy.
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