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Cara Delvin rejected Leonardo DiCaprio


That Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively and Erin Heatherton. The ranks of blond beauties could be replenished by Cara Delvin, but the girl refused Leo!

According to Western media (and blogger Laloca), DiCaprio became interested in Delvin at the Cannes Film Festival. He even began to look after the fashion model, but she gave him a turn from the gate, deciding that the dream man of a good half of the women of the planet for her … too old. Kara was embarrassed by the age difference of 18 years, as well as the reputation of her star fan.

Sources report that Leonardo “spent the night chasing her," and also inform us that the two celebrities managed to talk about something, however, apparently, all attempts made by DiCaprio were in vain. He, however, was not very upset – the very next day he was seen in the company of two beautiful strangers. And Lukas Haas, of course.

Cara Delvin rejected Leonardo DiCaprio

Cara Delvin rejects Leonardo DiCaprio…

Cara Delvin rejected Leonardo DiCaprio

…because I thought it was too old

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