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Vanessa Paradis has a new romance


Vanessa Paradis and Guy-David Garbi

They say that time is the best healer for love failures, and according to Western tabloids and blogger ylsyls, Vanessa Paradis has already verified this truth from her own experience. According to rumors, the actress is no longer sad because of the breakup with her common-law husband of the last 14 years, Johnny Depp, because a new man has appeared in her life.

The French millionaire Guy-David Garbi, whom Paradis has been dating for several months, has become the chosen one of Depp’s ex-beloved woman.

Guy is quite famous in his homeland: he owns the Usinedeco furniture company, which is called the "French Ikea" in the press, he is smart, rich and good-looking.

Guy and Vanessa met on a flight from Los Angeles to Paris in May of this year and exchanged phone numbers, but the relationship developed gradually as Vanessa was going through a breakup with Johnny:

Vanessa Paradis has a new romance

New Chosen Vanessa Paradis Guy-David Garbi

Vanessa Paradis has a new romance

All summer long, the imposing Frenchman supported his new girlfriend and took care of him in every possible way, and as a result, Paradis fell under the pressure of his charm.

Johnny approved the choice of his "ex":

In this regard, Vanessa did not consider it shameful to bring a new gentleman to the former family nest:

Who knows, you look, soon Johnny and Guy will make friends and will sail together on a yacht. High, high relations!

Vanessa Paradis has a new romance

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis has a new romance

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