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Caution: vacation with a friend!


How successful a vacation can be depends to a large extent on who you spend it with. And, of course, if you are planning a trip, you need to carefully select the company.

For a trip to be successful, it is necessary that the interests and preferences of the participants coincide. If you dream of outdoor activities, various excursions and extreme entertainment, and your girlfriend just wants to lie on the warm sand, dipping into the water from time to time, be sure that the vacation will disappoint both of you. Resentment and dissatisfaction with each other will poison your vacation. Choose a companion who shares your passions.

If you are going on a “wild" vacation, most likely you will have to buy groceries and cook on your own. It may turn out that your diet will be fatally different from the one your friend is used to. For example, you are a convinced vegetarian, and a friend cannot imagine dinner without a good piece of meat.

Or you prefer to save money on food so that you have more money left for entertainment, and your friend is used to food seriously and thoroughly. It is better to discuss this issue in advance and agree on how much you will spend on food if you are going to eat clubbing.

Various household trifles can also thoroughly spoil the mood. If your companion is a fan of cleanliness, and you treat the mess in the room philosophically, both will have to find a compromise.

Resort flirting is a pretty enjoyable part of a vacation. If your girlfriend has been successful in wooing you for a year, you may not want to endure a fiasco while on vacation. If the "who from whom" competition is something of a sport for both of you, then continuing to compete on the road is unlikely to ruin your trip.

On vacation in a foreign city, girls can be in wait for various surprises, not always pleasant ones. It is very important that there is a person nearby who you can rely on in a difficult situation. If you are sure that your girlfriend will always come to your aid, and you yourself are ready to help her at any moment, then feel free to go on a trip.

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