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Lisa agreed to meet her husband after work. But a surprise awaited her …
Her husband often met Lisa after work near the conservatory: she taught piano lessons. The girl waited and waited, seven minutes passed – no one. This is unlike the punctual Sasha … Liza was walking along the columns, suddenly her husband jumped out from behind another one! ..

Surprises are not always pleasant
. He grabbed her by the shoulders and joyfully exclaimed:
“Here I am!"
Lisa flinched in surprise.
– What are you? I was scared, I could become a stutterer!
– Sorry! He hugged her. “I wanted to surprise you, I thought how great it would be if I unexpectedly appeared from behind the column.
“Sash, I told you so many times that I don’t like surprises, especially sudden ones!
– Okay, don’t get angry.
In this he is all: at first he will scare, and then – "do not be angry." Sasha loves practical jokes and all sorts of jokes, he has a whole carriage of them in stock. Liza did not consider herself a bore, but his jokes often seemed unpleasant to her. Besides, she really didn’t understand surprises. She liked that everything was known in advance, even if it was a birthday present – it was so calm.
But Sasha could not give up his manner, and Lisa was often upset. They had only been married for five months, and she did not want to immediately begin to make claims against her husband, somehow reshape him for herself. Therefore, she simply demonstrated her displeasure, in the hope that Sasha himself would understand everything.
But he didn’t understand…
Vitality or black humor?
Everything was fine with them, but these unexpected pranks crossed the line of Liza’s patience. For example, Sasha knew that she did not like and was afraid of spiders. Once he came home when Lisa was preparing dinner – she was crumbling sag lat at the sink, started a conversation … Then she looked back at the table – and there, among the plates, was a spider! Big, black. Liza squealed, began to throw anything at him. Sasha laughed.
It’s a toy, calm down! He’s not real!
But Liza could not calm down, he had to hug his wife tightly and explain: he bought a rubber spider in the store of all sorts of clown surprises, especially to play a trick on her.
– Are you crazy! Lisa shouted, and now she was throwing mitts and kitchen towels at her husband. I’m tired of your games!
In general, at that time, this whole family scene ended with hugs and kisses. Liza, in the depths of her soul, understood that he was joking and scaring her not out of anger, it was just that life energy boils in him, overflowing over the edge, like in a boy. And in everything else that did not concern practical jokes, she liked it. But her husband’s jokes upset her more and more.
Once she came home from work early, and Sasha was late. Suddenly a phone call.
"Honey," he said in a weak voice. – I’m not far away, in a traffic jam, on the avenue …
– Well, okay, I’ll wait … What’s wrong with your voice?
– Nothing, it’s fine …
– Sasha! Why are you barely talking?
– Yes, I can handle it myself …
– Where are you ?! Are you feeling bad? I will come to you now! Lisa shouted.
He tried to persuade her not to go to him. But she didn’t listen. I grabbed some medicines in the home first aid kit, ran. Rushed through the streets, bumping into passers-by. Here is his car!
– What happened to you? Lisa asked, frightened, sinking down next to her husband on the seat, exhausted.
And he giggled.
I’m fine, sorry, I was joking.
The deceit was conceived …
She could not utter anything for a long time, she was speechless. This joke has exceeded Liza’s inner limit of patience. She had tears in her eyes. She sat motionless next to Sasha, he was saying something, talking …
Lisa suddenly woke up and got out of the car.
– Where are you going? he wondered. Without answering, she quickly walked forward along the avenue …
Sasha begged her forgiveness for several days. Lisa did not scream, did not arrange a showdown – she was simply silent.
“Liz, please forgive me,” Sasha coaxed. – I love you very much. And I wanted to make sure one hundred percent that you did me too … That you would drop everything and run to help. Who knew that you would react so sharply!
She didn’t answer.
“After all, it’s all such nonsense!” Little things in life, pampering and a small dose of adrenaline. Okay, I’ll try not to do that again.
Lisa hesitated: she really wanted to make peace with Sasha. And in general it is not clear whether she reacts correctly? Maybe most people approve of jokes and pranks, and only she is such a sissy? Secretly from her husband, she agreed to meet with his younger sister, who lived with Sasha’s mother, Lisa’s mother-in-law.
Tell me, has he always been like this? she asked.
– Which?
– He liked to tease everyone, to make unexpected jokes and all that.
– Why are you interested in this? Lena asked, looking a little embarrassed.
Lisa immediately felt that something was not right.
– Lenochka, confess, please …
Liza told the girl that her older brother had recently arranged. Lena was outraged.
– That’s stupid! Is it possible! I always told him that the passion for testing people would not bring him to good. Do you remember how he met you?
Lisa remembered. She went to the supermarket to buy something, a young man walked in front, he dropped a banknote and went on without noticing. Then she caught up with him and gave the money, he thanked, word for word – that’s how they met …
“So,” Lena said, “he did it on purpose!” To arrange "lice checks" for people
and then claim that most citizens are dishonest and greedy. Well, I got acquainted, in this way, with the few who gave
money. Then he wrote his own sociological studies and articles …
The shocked Lisa did not know what to do. Pretend like she doesn’t know? Divorce? Require change? What if the person turned out to be not the one you fell in love with? It was terribly unpleasant for her that she fell for this hook … But what to do?
About the benefits of the wedge wedge method
Lisa moved in with her parents. Sasha said:
– It’s probably temporary. You see, I don’t take anything with me. But I need to understand myself and understand how to live on, with or without you. He looked confused, sat on a chair near the window and was silent, which was not very
like him. Worries? It is unlikely, rather – he is angry with his sister, who blurted out his secret … But Lisa was worried. But she really hoped to come up with something, to find some kind of support inside herself … And she hoped a little that Sasha would change. But the question is, are adults capable of change? She didn’t really believe it.
However, the next day, Sasha’s sister called and asked Lisa to urgently meet her in the park opposite the house. Wondering what happened, she left. The weather was just fine, unlike her mood: yesterday it rained, all the plants were fragrant and blooming.
On the park path stood gloomy Sasha with a bouquet of pink peonies, next to Lena.
Save me from this brawler! the girl exclaimed. – I arranged everything so that you could make peace,
and he screams and swears!
“I wonder,” Lisa chuckled, “what you arranged.
Lena was very worried that her brother, out of his own stupidity, quarreled with his wife, and decided to teach him a lesson: let him fully feel what these jokes of his are. She called him and began to sob into the phone that Grisha, his best friend, was pestering her with obscene proposals. Of course, Sasha rushed to his friend and almost attacked him with his fists, it’s good that Lena was right there and separated the guys …
– Well, you’re good, Lenka! Lisa was outraged too. — Is it possible to do so? That’s a crazy family!
– I wanted to reconcile you, stupid! ..
– Liz, you will laugh, but I understood everything, – Sasha said. – Honestly. This little devil made me experience everything in my own skin. I never…
Liza took the bouquet from his hand, hugged her husband and said:
“All right, forget it. Go home. And let the surprises remain, but only pleasant ones, agreed?

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