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Christmas sales: instructions for use


Long before the New Year, we begin to think about how to give this to relatives and friends, and, of course, to ourselves. We make long lists of everything you need to buy, follow the sales, try to take into account all the nuances and save money, but it doesn’t always work out.

In order to learn how to use New Year’s sales correctly, experienced people have long developed several rules and advise everyone to adhere to them, because stores almost always follow the same pattern when declaring discounts. Unscrupulous sellers often deceive by calling for fabulous discounts, however, there is only one price tag on a product and it is impossible to understand how much this thing cost before. In theory, two prices should be indicated: old and new.

Sellers often sin also by the fact that they first overestimate the cost of the goods, and then arrange a sale. True, it should be noted that serious trading companies are worried about their reputation and are closely monitoring what is happening in their trading floors, realizing that they want to see you in the store today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

And yet, in order to properly take advantage of the sale, experienced shoppers advise to carefully study the market long before the sale is announced, select the things you need, make a list of everything you need in order of importance, clearly define the budget and wait for the “X" time. Once discounts are announced, it is important to find out the expiration dates of the discounts, because often the “sale” sign appears much earlier than the discount mechanism is activated. In addition, many stores make the main discount step not in the last days of December, but in the first days of the New Year.

One more thing: perhaps you have a discount card from this store, and sometimes the New Year’s discount is added to yours, it’s just that they "forget" to warn you about it in time, so don’t be shy to ask about it. Be extremely attentive to a potential purchase: the fact that the price is lower than it was yesterday is still not enough reason to pay for it.

You need to think over everything again: if it is a household appliance, does it have all the functions you need; if it is clothes or shoes, think about whether they will wear it in the New Year; if it’s utensils, do you need another saucepan or cup.

And remember that New Year’s purchases, even if at a discount, are still initially pleasant pre-holiday fuss, and not an exhausting many hours and many kilometers marathon, akin to a battle for survival during the sale period.

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