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music for sex

How often do you make love to music? By mood or every time? Does it give you more pleasure or, on the contrary, does it distract you?

Positive or negative perception of music is associated with its impact on the internal rhythms of the human body. And since each person has his own inner state, it is his musical composition that suits each person. Against this background, the hypothesis of an unusual sexual influence of music on the person himself looks quite logical, especially if a human voice is superimposed on the music, with its own characteristic features. 

What music to listen to during sex

Oddly enough, many of the works of classical musicians, such as Beethoven, are considered sexual. Seemingly? The whole point is again in the same coincidence of the rhythm of music with the internal rhythm of the organism. Among the compositions of modern performers, of which there are a huge number, everyone can choose for themselves exactly those that evoke a sexual mood, fantasies, etc.

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It is impossible to seduce with music alone. The situation dictates the internal rhythms on which the music falls. In one situation, a person completely surrenders to music, and in another, he may not even notice it. A completely different situation is when the appropriate music is the background for a date. It allows you to escape from the gray everyday life, go into a state of peace and relaxation – that is, in a state that favors intimacy.

Musical tastes in sex

Troubles can occur, partners understand the concept of "exciting music" differently. In this case, it is necessary to remember that silence is also sexual in its own way, and not to test each other’s nerves with musical experiments.

The exciting effect of music is as follows: the body subconsciously begins to make micro-movements to the music, as if dancing to the beat. These movements, invisible to the eyes, can excite both partners, who perceive them on a subconscious level. Through these micro-movements, music allows partners to be on the same wavelength, in the same rhythm, in a similar state of mind …. If, during the transition to active actions, the music begins to cause some discomfort, then it may be worth turning it off. In the end, in complete silence you will not stay – the erotic music of your breath, and passion will not go anywhere.

Erotic music

Everyone has their own erotic music. We can only recommend some performers, some of whose compositions, both in the past and now, are considered by many, by right, to be the best for intimacy. Among them are Café del Mar compilations, music performed by Enigma, De Phazz, some compositions by such an artist as Chris Isaak or the Irish singer Enya. But best of all, in order to avoid trouble, ask what exactly your partner likes.

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