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DIY carnival costumes


New Year is the most long-awaited and favorite holiday for everyone. The beautiful Christmas tree has already been decorated, the assortment of festive dishes has been thought out to the smallest detail, and New Year’s gifts have been prepared for relatives and friends. It remains only to surprise loved ones with your reincarnation, appearing in front of them in a carnival costume.

The problem of a masquerade costume can be solved in different ways: rent an outfit, sew a dress or costume to order, alter old clothes yourself by building accessories from improvised materials.

There is nothing difficult in creating a carnival outfit with your own hands. The main thing is that the suit or dress should be light, allowing you to move and dance freely. Do not hold hands that are dangerous to others. At the same time, to make the costume expressive, it is necessary to think over the details that emphasize the character of the chosen character.

Making a costume does not necessarily involve a lot of money. As a basis, you can use clothes that you haven’t worn for a long time: a skirt, jeans, a T-shirt or a jacket. They just need to be decorated in an original way: paint with felt-tip pens, glue something, sew it on.

For such a case, it is useful to keep a “chest" at home with old things that will come in handy on New Year’s Eve. These can be: broken umbrellas, old men’s shirts, colorful silk scarves or scarves, patches of colorful fabric, artificial or natural fur.

You can do it very simply – add a couple of details to the festive dress, and not sew a new suit. For example, sewing paper wings painted with bright colors to a dress, putting on a headband with a mustache, you will turn into a butterfly.

Try to transform into a good sorceress. For the basis of her costume, any outfit with a fluffy skirt will do. Take out your elegant dress, which has been gathering dust on the mezzanine for a long time. From a hard material (taffeta), sew a fluffy skirt. To do this, stitch a rectangular piece of fabric of the required length along the back seam. From above, make a drawstring and thread an elastic band into it. Trim the bottom edge of the skirt with teeth or sew a fringe to it. Put on the finished skirt under the dress. Tie up with a beautiful belt that you can weave from wide satin ribbons. From the same ribbons, make bows and pin the hem of the dress with them so that the petticoat is visible. Glue flowers made of paper or ribbons on the headband – the fairy headdress is ready. It remains to pick up a magic wand and work wonders.

By the way, such a carnival outfit can be adapted to transform into different characters: a princess or Snow White, a court lady or Malvina. It is enough to add the necessary accessory: a crown or an apron with frills, a fan or a blue yarn wig.

For a forest nymph costume, sew paper-cut leaves, fabric flowers, dragonflies and butterflies on the dress. Complete the outfit with a wreath on the head. In the hands of the nymph should be a basket with violets or other small flowers. Both the basket and artificial flowers can be purchased at souvenir or flower shops.

Put on a turtleneck and leggings of the same color (black, gray, white or brown). From the remnants of old fur, make fluffy cuffs for your hands. For the tail, sew a fabric of a suitable color with a tube and stuff it with padding polyester. Sew the finished tail to the leggings or fasten it to the belt. Glue small paper ears to the headband. The result was a cat walking by itself.

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