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Lindsay Lohan moonlights as an escort?


Lindsay Lohan hasn’t really needed to do anything for a long time, and scandalous news, loud revelations and hot gossip will appear by themselves. Here is the latest story from the life of a red-haired rebel, shared with us by blogger analgin.

It turns out that LiLo earns extra money in her spare time, doing elite escort services. We must somehow repay the debts of Charlie Sheen and the lawyer, after all!

Father Michael Lohan made such a sensational statement:

She is well paid for dating rich men. Dina (ed. note – Lindsey’s mother) is her pimp, it’s just disgusting!

This is confirmed by numerous insiders who are ready to sign up as witnesses as one:

They say that one of Lindsey’s clients was the Prince of Brunei, Haji Abdul Azim. The billionaire paid the American star $100,000 to celebrate the New Year with him in London.

But the Spanish artist Domingo Zapata paid Lohan more than for the weekend:

Like it or not – we can only guess.

Lindsay Lohan moonlights as an escort?

Lindsay Lohan and her mother are engaged in escort services?

Lindsay Lohan moonlights as an escort?Lindsay Lohan moonlights as an escort?

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