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We often take for granted the things we should be most grateful for. Therefore, we offer 40 simple things for which you can say thank you to your loved one today.

If you decide to have a "Month of Gratitude" you can leave each other a small note every day, a card with a new gratitude, or even say these thanks to each other in person (in the morning or during dinner). Or you can write each other letters of thanks. The main thing is not to be lazy and sincerely thank each other for specific things, qualities, achievements, and the like.

1 Thank you for turning the most ordinary days, moments into the most unusual in my life.

2 Thank you for always giving me additional inspiration and motivating me to new achievements and accomplishments.

3 Thank you for always telling me the truth.

4 Thank you for always looking for opportunities to get close to me. I really appreciate our closeness and the days when we just talk to each other. Thanks for your openness.

5 Thank you for our small and even large quarrels. Thank you for always looking for reconciliation and compromise even during conflicts.

6 Thank you for allowing me to develop all the important areas of my life. I really appreciate that you support me in my dreams

7 Thank you for being able to sympathize and always support me in difficult moments of my life.

8 Thank you for remembering me in every free minute. I appreciate that even in a heavy work schedule you always have a place for me.

9 Thank you for the tenderness and care that you pamper me every day.

10 Thank you for always trying to keep your word. I really appreciate your honesty.

11 Thank you for being present here and now.

12 Thank you for understanding me – often even when I don’t understand myself. Thank you for being able to see sadness, happiness in my eyes and understand everything without words.

13 Thank you for your daily efforts to better understand and know me. Thank you for your understanding, kindness and patience.

14 Thank you for not judging me and accepting me for who I really am.

15 Thank you that often you choose to "be wrong / wrong", even if the truth is on your side. I know that you are doing this because you value our relationship and closeness very much. Every time I feel valuable / valuable at such moments. I really appreciate this quality in you.

16 Thank you for your trust and for supporting my decisions and choices and helping me to be faithful / faithful to this decision.

17 Thank you for your faithfulness in everything – when we are near and when we are apart.

18 Thank you for always being there – when everything is fine and in difficult times.

19 Thank you for knowing that I can’t always be strong/strong. Thank you for letting me make mistakes and not blaming me for them. I really appreciate this.

20 Thank you for being there when it’s hard for me and I can always count on your support. Your help makes me stronger and I incredibly appreciate your help and willingness to support.

21 Thank you for often going out of your own way for me, even when you are terribly uncomfortable and do not like it. I really appreciate your strength in that you are looking not only for what is convenient for you, but for both of us. Thank you for your ability to look for "ours", not "ours".

22 Thank you for being truly ready and willing to be, achieve, dream and do something for me. I really appreciate your service and the fact that you not only “should", but really want to do it. I feel your love in this and thank you for it.

23 Thank you for putting into practice what you say.

24 Thank you for believing in me.

25 Thank you for encouraging me when I get stuck somewhere. Thank you for not criticizing, but motivating. Thank you for helping me get up when I fall and take the first step if I stop. You are my blessing.

26 Thank you for being my best friend.

27 Thank you for caring about what’s going on around you.

28 Thank you for appreciating the present and measuring life not by the amount of money, houses and cars, but by smiles, changes and aspirations – the present.

29 Thank you for letting me be myself and giving me the joy of who I really am – without having to play or pretend to be someone else.

30 Thank you for always having fun and interesting in your company. Thank you for always trying to cheer me up when I miss you. I love and appreciate your sense of humor so much. Only you can truly make me laugh.

31 Thank you for loving me sincerely. Your love inspires me and gives me wings.

32 Thank you for every little thing you do. These little things make up my life, and even less, what you do is of great importance to me.

33 Thank you for forgiving me when I offend you. I appreciate it so much.

34 Thank you for never using what you know about me against me.

35 Thank you for not giving up, even when our relationship is not so simple. Thank you for continuing to move forward together instead of turning the other way.

36 Thank you for your financial support, support around the house. Thank you for fulfilling my every need and supporting our family. I really appreciate everything that you do for the well-being of our family.

37 Thank you for being such an incredible father-mother to our children. Thank you that I can always rely on you and I know that thanks to you our children will grow up happy in the whole world.

38 Thank you for your masculinity/femininity. I incredibly appreciate how amazingly and uniquely the Lord created you. Thank you for teaching me new things, every day you teach me to contain more than I could / could without you and see ordinary things in a new way.

39 Thank you for your wisdom, spiritual guidance in our family. I appreciate you as a priest in our family and I am very grateful to you for spiritual growth.

40 Thank you for who you are and who you are!

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