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There is no reason not to have sex right now! 14 urgent reasons


Sex, of course, does not need a reason, unless it is due to some unusual circumstances. But if you need a reason, check out this list!

1 This, you know, sex. One of the best ways to achieve orgasm

And orgasm is a wonderful thing, and for many it is the most important reason for even starting. Sex is an exciting journey, and orgasm is a wonderful arrival point, no matter how it is achieved.

2 You will be happy all day

During sex, endorphins are produced, a cure for bad mood. A lot of unpleasant work? Bam-m. Bad thoughts? Bam-m. After sex, you will definitely feel better.

3 Your energy is at zero

You can lazily read by candlelight or have sex. Choose something that won’t harm your eyesight.

4 You are going on vacation and are afraid of getting sick

Studies show that sex has a positive effect on immunity. So if you are going to get sick – have better sex. It may not be as effective as inhalation, but it is certainly more pleasant.

5 The boss yelled and you’re stressed

Sex lowers blood pressure and stress levels. In addition, it is more pleasant to think about him than about a stubborn boss.

6 Vibrator ran out of batteries

Sex is the best alternative, even if they didn’t sit down.

7 You didn’t go to the gym, but you don’t want to be lazy

Sex also burns calories, so if you’re not motivated to sip iron, go for it instead. You won’t even notice how you work out, uh, sports.

8 You have pain in your shoulder or other part of your body

Sex reduces the level of pain and disperses the blood, it is useful if you lie down your arm or unsuccessfully twist your neck in a dream.

9 You got out of the shower

You are already undressed! Consider half way done.

10 You have insomnia

Sex will help! It may take longer than drinking a cup of chamomile tea or taking a pill, but in general it promotes deeper and more relaxed sleep.

11 You are horny

There is no better reason to have sex than a strong arousal. Follow your heart. And other organs, of course.

12 You need to make up

Sex promotes the production of oxytocin, which manifests itself as a strong and warm feeling of love. So if he didn’t take apart the dishwasher again, you will quickly forget about it.

13 Heating not working

Good sex and warm hugs afterwards – how do you think people warmed themselves before the invention of central heating?

14 You Need A Win

If things don’t go well, sex will always help you put another plus in the personal win column.

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