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How not to lose your job during the interview


You seek to change your job, study all available sources of information for vacancies, send out a lot of resumes. And here it is the long-awaited interview. But you need to prepare properly for it. Moreover, it is worth paying attention to some nuances that can negate even the best recommendations addressed to you.

1 Your social media profile network looks wrong

Now at the stage of sending a resume, you must provide your photo. Even if you have attached your best photo, you can be ruined by the photos on your page. The fact is that some employers, before calling the applicant for an interview, look at their profile in the social. networks. We do not think that they will really like the presence of obscene language or photos from horror films, criminal or erotic content. So please, tidy up your page … at least for the duration of your job search.

How not to lose your job during the interview

2 The clock has long struck the hour, but there is still no news from you …

You are in a hurry for an interview, you left long before the appointed time, but force majeure happened on the way (a passing car was poured with mud, a kilometer traffic jam or torn tights) and you are late or cannot visit the employer at all. Your mistake – you do not dare to call the manager of the recruiting agency (if communication is through him) or the employer directly to warn you about being late. But in vain. Your call will just say about your responsibility and interest in obtaining this vacancy.

How not to lose your job during the interview

3 You are familiar

If you were offered a cup of coffee at an interview, this does not mean that you can treat the people hiring you like your good old friend. Addressing “You", sharp gestures, pushing or patting the interlocutor with your hands are strictly prohibited techniques. And in general, when communicating with an interlocutor, do not enter his personal space (this is 1-1.5 m around him).

How not to lose your job during the interview

4 Hello tree!

You decided to show off at the interview not only with your mind, achievements and recommendations, but also with your appearance. But this does not mean that you should be dressed in couturier and put on a bunch of jewelry. Such wealth will not be to your advantage, because management does not like luxury in subordinates. According to the rules of etiquette, going to an interview, you can only afford an engagement ring. True, now this has been somewhat softened, and you can put on another simple ring.

5 You Decided To Embellish Your Merits

When sending resumes and communicating at an interview, provide the employer with only genuine information. It is clear that you want to show yourself as an excellent candidate, but believe me, all your lies will come up sooner or later and this will show you as a deceitful person.

How not to lose your job during the interview

6 You speak unflatteringly about your former job and employer

This is the most common job seeker mistake. What was at the last job is already the past. And even if you were treated badly there, you should not pour dirt on them. Firstly, it will show you as a quarrelsome and scandalous person, and secondly, it is unlikely that a new employer will want you to also speak about his company in the future.

7 You talk too much, both with and without it.

You comment on the appearance of employees, the interior of the office, express the “pleasant things” you heard about the company on the side. Maybe you still shut up? This is incorrect in relation to the company itself, its management and employees. If something does not suit you, why did you come here to get a job? Before you open your mouth to the question – think with your head.

How not to lose your job during the interview

8 You are interested in the wrong things

You should not immediately ask questions about internships, bonuses, additional courses, etc. at the first interview. By the way, the question of salary is best discussed during the first telephone conversation. Because if the salary does not suit you initially, then there is no reason to waste your and the employer’s time.

Properly thought out questions and answers before the interview will allow you not to fall into the mud face and get a long-awaited job.
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