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Movies for the evening: movies that will cheer you up


A selection of great pictures for a pleasant evening from allforwomen.inform.click

Sometimes we are so immersed in problems that we do not notice anything around. A long stay in such a state will certainly affect mental health, and therefore psychologists advise finding at least a couple of hours a day that you can spend on yourself. We believe that there is nothing better than spending time watching a light movie that will allow you to break away from reality, at least for a while. We offer a list of paintings that are ideal for these purposes.

"10 Reasons I Hate" (1999)

School melodrama that will not leave you indifferent. The story takes place in a small American town where a strict father puts a condition on his daughter Bianca – she will go on a date only if someone invites her sister as well. The girl and her boyfriend will have to work hard to ensure that their plan to introduce the obstinate relative Kat with the main school bully is successful. PS Young Heath Ledger will steal your heart after watching, be careful!

"Mamma mia!" (2008)

A musical that will immerse you in summer. According to the plot, Sophie is going to get married, but here’s the problem – she wants only her father to lead her to the altar, about whom she knows nothing. She cannot get recognition from her mother who her parent is. In a desperate attempt to find out at least something, the girl finds her mother’s notes, where she describes relationships with three men, each of whom may well be Sophie’s father. We warn you that you will really want to pack your bags and go to Greece when the credits are over.

Movies for the evening: movies that will cheer you up

"It’s good to be quiet" (2012)

The story of a real transformation, however, internal. Shy Charlie enters college, where he is waiting for a grand change – from a closed teenager, he turns into the "king of the parties." Get cozy with your significant other and spend the evening with a great movie on your laptop screen.

Movies for the evening: movies that will cheer you up

"We are the Millers" (2013)

For fans of shameless humor, we offer a comedy with Jennifer Aniston in the title role. Failed criminal David is given a mission, for which he has to persuade his friends to play his family in order to successfully cross the border into Mexico. And if at first everything goes according to plan, once in place, the heroes find themselves in an unforeseen situation that will force each member of the "family" to reconsider their attitude towards each other. Highly recommended for viewing if your mood leaves much to be desired!

Movies for the evening: movies that will cheer you up

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