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5 rules of a geisha


Who is a geisha? For many – a model of femininity and the embodiment of grace and true mastery of seduction. A geisha is not just a woman meant to entertain a dear guest. It is a deep philosophy and way of life. For most European women, this is a mysterious unattainable ideal, which you want to get closer to at least a step. In fact, the basic rules of behavior and way of thinking of a geisha are not as complicated as they seem. Anyone can comprehend them, you just need to want.

A geisha is always happy. From childhood, she was brought up in an atmosphere of joy and love and learned to enjoy everything that happens around. Sunlight, clouds, summer light rain – all this causes sincere joy and a happy smile on the face of a real geisha. She can’t afford to be sad or unhappy about what’s going on around her because there’s so much magic and beauty in the world. A geisha learns to constantly rejoice herself and therefore her presence brings joy to everyone around.

A real geisha is pure and pure. She may have a lover or a high patron, but she never provides sexual favors for money. Visitors pay to enjoy the company of a geisha and enjoy the tea ceremony. Any hints of anything more are considered unacceptable. Visitors are forbidden to touch the geisha and she knows this very well. She keeps herself modest, but maintains dignity, as she keeps her purity and innocence. Only she decides how the tea ceremony will take place.

The highest purpose of a geisha is to serve his master. But a geisha never serves, losing her own dignity in the process. She alone is characterized by service bordering on worship. But only she alone is able to make the client feel her strength, since it is in this worship that the secret of her attractiveness lies. A geisha serves, but this service is full of dignity and power.

A geisha devotes a lot of time and attention to how she looks, as this is one of the most important moments in her life. With her appearance, a geisha should please a man. It is by looking at her that he must rest and feel that a real woman is next to him. The beauty of a geisha should be her constant companion, no matter what she does. Untidiness or unkemptness and a geisha are incompatible things.

Only a real geisha knows the most important secret about men. A man needs to feel like a man. And only a real geisha is able to give a man what he needs at the moment. She devotes a lot of time to her education so that she can be talked to on any topic. She is skilled in the tea ceremony and knows the secrets of the ancients in all areas of art and love. Many women dream of becoming geisha, but only a few actually become them.

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